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zButterfly was created as a BitTorrent client with a powerful search engine. The zButterfly client is written in the Java language and is based on the Vuze client.
Now you can use this handy and feature-rich software to search for the files you need.


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zButterfly is a
powerful, easy-to-use BitTorrent client, which is designed to help you search for your favorite files and download them from others using a powerful search engine.
Why do we make this new software?
The software has been created by a small group of programmers. It is based on the Vuze client software. One of the main reasons behind the development of zButterfly is the fact that the Vuze client is missing one big feature – a
powerful search engine.
Another reason is that we just want to make something new and fun.
Now you can use this handy and feature-rich software to search for the files you need.
zButterfly Features:
What can zButterfly do?
zButterfly is a BitTorrent client, which enables you to search for your favorite files and download them from others using a powerful search engine. The software also provides you with a tabbed interface and a powerful search engine.
zButterfly search function:
With the search function you can search for torrent files and download them directly from others. In the search box you can type one or more keywords to find the files you want. The software will search the web using Google or a custom search engine, based on your favorite search provider.
You can also bookmark files in zButterfly and you can search for a file you’ve previously downloaded.
zButterfly torrent search:
zButterfly offers a “local torrent search engine”. With this search engine you can search the local torrents you have downloaded.
Simple and powerful file manager:
The software provides you with a tabbed interface and a powerful file manager, which allows you to manage your torrents and your downloaded files with ease. You can drag and drop your files into zButterfly and add torrents from the torrent websites you use. You can also move and delete files and torrents directly in zButterfly. You can search for files in the file manager, search for torrents, and perform other tasks.
Bookmark manager:
zButterfly allows you to save files directly to your browser bookmarks.
IPv6 support:
The software can use IPv6 addresses to access the web, with a much higher probability.
Windows 2000 / XP
For more information, visit

This is a beta version, and still under development. We are mainly

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zButterfly is an amazing BitTorrent Search Engine that helps you to track all the latest Torrent files in the internet. So you can download the torrent files with just a single click.

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Useful Torrents

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How to Use Torrents

Torrents are basically a way to upload and download big files as groups of smaller parts, or pieces. So when you download a file from a torrent, you download its pieces in sequence. Now, this is quite an advantage because you save a lot of bandwidth. If you have a 56k modem, then it’s not a great thing to download a one gigabyte file. But if you start downloading that file as a piece of a second file, then you may easily download that second file while leaving the first one open and not have to get that whole file. And you save that second file’s piece, and so on.

The Torrent software also tells you how many pieces are in a torrent, and usually it also tells you the approximate time it will take to download the file.

Why Use Torrents?

There are several good reasons to use torrents. For one thing, torrents make downloading large files like movies or software much faster and much cheaper. For example, if you buy a movie on DVD, you have to send it to a store, where they will rip it from the DVD and create a digital copy that you can then watch on your computer. Then you will have to pay the store to do that, and then you have to pay for the movie on the internet to download it. But if you use a torrent, then you just upload the digital copy of the movie directly from the torrent website and it goes directly to your computer.

In addition, torrents help you to avoid your Internet Service Provider (ISP) detecting what you are doing. And many ISPs block certain programs that you download. So if you use a torrent, then the program you are downloading uses a different IP address,

What’s New In?

zButterfly is a free BitTorrent client with a powerful search engine. It integrates a number of different services into one application.


zButterfly – zbutterfly.net
zButterfly – zbutterfly.org

What’s New in This Release:

– Fixed potential memory leak, may crash
– Make it possible to share a folder
– Disable the smart caching of the search index
– Improve the Log

zButterfly Description:

zButterfly is a free BitTorrent client with a powerful search engine. It integrates a number of different services into one application.MINI Countryman

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System Requirements:

Comes with an internet connection and recommended hardware.

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Memory: 4 GB RAM
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