Your Primary Care Physician Might be Crucial Towards Successful Diabetes Control

improves heart complicationsThis is our courageous combat against chronic diabetic issues command in an America which presents one in 10 people (International Diabetes Federation, 2011) clinically determined to have Type I or Type II diabetes. Blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring, diet and lifestyle options and diabetes pills are continuously under target in relation to controlling diabetes mellitus. Sadly enough, the human aspect of medication appears to have receded into the record. In these times, when the healthcare career seems to be saturated by specialists, sophisticated studies have shown the primary care physician could be crucial in achieving better outcomes in diabetes management.

In West Indies, a three year quality improvement project was undertaken by a diabetes clinic. By regular monitoring of blood sugar, addressing concerns of patients regarding diabetic issues and also educating them about diet, exercise and medication, the PCP together with a registered nurse at a specific diabetic issues center in Trinidad attained enhanced glycaemic command with the three year period. (Babwah T., 2011)

When a Spanish research group studied more than 2 million diabetics beneath primary care, results suggested marked differences in diabetes management in their favor. Improvement in command of glycaemia, blood pressure and lipids was caused by the primary care setting alone. (Vinagre I, 2012)

Additionally, among the major takeaways from research findings by the faculty of Public Health in the Mahidol University in Bangkok was that health personnel, pharmacists and doctors were success factors in diabetes control. Researchers suggested that policy makers could help distribute services of these health experts to primary care settings. (Sathira-Angkura T, 2011)

It’s motivating to be aware that patients enrolled in primary care networks continuously provide a lot better clinical success in diabetes management (Manns BJ, 2012). What this means is they actually do better in terms of their glycaemic control, blood pressure and cholesterol control. They’re better informed and comply with the guide of their physician regarding essential medication towards diabetes control.

In an era of dry and quick communication with the PCP, diabetic patients are generally left with a void, because of unanswered concerns, unfinished disease training and little or no emotional connection with the doctor of theirs. Inline with research pointed out by research studies, the job of the main care physician is indispensable to a diabetic patient. The PCP is invariably the first contact point for a person identified as having diabetes mellitus. When this human side of medicine and also the ensuing patient physician bond becomes the crux of delivering healthcare, diabetes management would undoubtedly be a successful, synergistic procedure.


Babwah T. (2011). Improving glycaemic command in patients attending a Trinidad health center: a three year quality improvement project. Quality in Primary Care, stimulate Insulin production 19(5), 335 339.

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