YAMAHA Plugins Pack 20130312 R2R \/\/FREE\\\\

YAMAHA Plugins Pack 20130312 R2R \/\/FREE\\\\


YAMAHA Plugins Pack 20130312 R2R

The crossover, and EQ options are complemented by a bonus selection of a few “secret” presets, based on the Yamaha Artist’s “Dream Mix” and “Multi Comp” concepts. Different from the usual implementation of these functions, the presets here seem to be ideal for the three dimensional sound ideal, without any forced processing of the sound, such as harsh/beefy effects that usually have a bad effect on the overall sound of the instrument. Each one of them consists in an innovative concept of processing the sound which is created using the excellent “voice” of the instrument. A truly creative tool for getting the maximum volume and the best possible quality from your favourite instruments.

Yamaha synth. I recorded this yesterday. Pads play like emulators of a vintage synth. Each one can be heard separately, or mixed. The GUI gives two ways to adjust the sound – synth or PAD. The synth preset sounds just like a vintage Yamaha synthesizer. The PAD preset sounds like a vintage Yamaha pad emulator. This is really nice. Think of Modular Synthesizers like the Elektron Octatrack or the Yamaha DX7. But with much more bang for your buck.

Sounds just like one of those vintage NI (now owned by Yamaha) sampler keyboards. Great keys feel, easy to modulate – and at 50$ the price is just right. The sound selection is great too. Pop presets, FM presets, Wavestation presets – you name it.

Yamaha have created a synthetic drum set that gives you all the sounds of a vintage drum machine that sold for thousands of dollars. There’s hats, the bass drum & the snare. It sounds really good too. I cannot say for sure that this is a better sounding than a Yamaha DD8 but from the sounds Ive sampled it would be foolish to think thats the case.


YAMAHA Plugins Pack20130312 R2R
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