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Xlpd is a print daemon for your desktop, which allows you to manage remote printing jobs. Using a single computer, you can distribute all the printing jobs received over remote hosts. Xlpd allows you to centralize all the printing requests to your desktop via LPD protocol, redirect them to the local printer and monitor the jobs.

LPD is a secure protocol for sending printing data through the network. It is used by the major printer manufacturers, such as Epson, HP, Brother, Samsung, Kodak and many others. It allows you to quickly send printing data, such as documents, reports, images, etc. to the specific printer. Thanks to the unmodifiable character of the protocol, you cannot corrupt the data that is sent.

By passing the control of the printing queue to the LPD daemons, Xlpd allows you to organize all the printing jobs directly to your printer. Xlpd features a handy graphical interface, which allows you to easily manage the queue. You can create as many queues as you need and organize them by priority, so that you can assign each one a specific color.

Create as many queues as you need and set their priorities in order to organize all the printing jobs.

You can easily create a LPD server on your PC and centralize all the printing jobs sent to your printer via the default port. Xlpd can be easily set as a LPD daemon and it is able to redirect the printing requests to the local LPD port, no matter if it is being used by another application.

The LPD daemon can be easily set as a print service, allowing you to gather all the printing jobs from the remote hosts to your PC. Xlpd has a reliable job scheduling feature, which can set up the list of printing items and the designated execution time for each print request.

Xlpd automatically sends out an email, when the program is being used. Just enter the email address, the name of the program and choose the action. You can monitor all the printing jobs, regardless if they are ready or not, and save the logging information to your hard drive.

The application uses a log function, which can log all the actions that took place during the time of use. By default, the information is sent to the specific file, however, you can choose the application data, such as queue name, job ID, file name, file size, etc.

What is new in official X

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Xlpd Crack Free Download is a free utility that allows you to perform remote printing by allowing users to send print jobs to your computer. It also centralizes the printouts from remote servers, thus redirecting them to the local printers. You can set the remote directory, where you want to have the printouts stored, configure LPD ports, check the server connections and schedule. Using the program can also enable you to schedule and perform remote printing. The tool features an automatic log function, which generates the logs that you can use for analytics and tracking. You can include the complete description and additional details in the log, including the remote server name, file names, the created date and time and the job ID.
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xlpd is a daemon which collects all the printing jobs received from remote servers via LPD protocol and redirects them to the local printing devices. It can also act a print job manager for your computer and manages the queue of pending jobs. It is a simple program, with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
xlpd Features:
– LPD protocol support
– Simple, configurable interface
– Automatic logging
– Screensaver-enabled control
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What’s New In Xlpd?

Xlpd is a simple utility that allows you to schedule all the print jobs received over the network via LPD protocol and redirect them to local printers. The program is free of charge and can be used in a wide range of POS systems.

Xlpd Features:

Allows you to schedule printing on the remote machine and transfer jobs from the queue.

The interface is simple and user-friendly.

Xlpd provides a number of advanced features, allowing you to have complete control over your printing activities.

Check the remote connection and problems with the LPD server.

Perform logging of the print jobs.

Create, set and remove remote queues.

Capture emails and view the file sizes of the jobs sent.

Xlpd Main Functionality:

The program is free and can be used by anyone.

The remote connection is a breeze. You need only to give the IP address and the LPD port number to the program.

You can review the queues and the jobs present in them.

The categories and the priority level can be changed by the users.

The program helps in real-time monitoring of your remote server.

The tool is not only useful for remote printing, but can also be used as a print manager.

The program is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.

Xlpd Main Limitations:

There are certain limitations with the tool. You cannot search through the files, if the job is not in the printing queue.Q:

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System Requirements:

* Mac OS X 10.7 or higher. * 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM
* Internet connection for installing additional software
* 4.0 update – new alpha build (v1.4)
– You can now choose from either the “standard” or “light” version of the game. The default build will be “standard”. If you don’t like the standard version, click on the button to download the “light” version.
* 3.2 update – new alpha build


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