Women centirc laws in India and the consequences faced by men by gaurangi@lexcliq

Women-centric laws are made to benefit women who are considered as an oppressed section of the society. But there is a need to see these laws from a different perspective. These laws are affecting the rights of the males who are being harassed by a false charge against them. The role of the judiciary is to provide justice to every individual and there can be no discrimination between men and women when it comes to justice. Even if one innocent is tried or loses his life, it is a big stigma on the women-centric laws.

A few years ago one news was particularly being talked about by people where a young man committed suicide. This incident happened a week after he was proved innocent in charge of domestic violence. When he was arrested there were not enough proofs but to get a women justice and to establish that the women-centric laws are for the protection of the females and to prove that men are the ones who are perpetrators in such crimes, he was arrested. Later on, he was proved innocent. But after returning to his normal routine, things were not the same for him. He lost his job, people around him were still treating him like a criminal and making sarcastic remarks against him. He was unable to bear this and gave up on his life. The simple question is whether the laws made to protect women possess the right to kill an innocent person if not implemented properly?

Some laws favouring women
The laws are made to protect every individual. But from the past, women were exposed to atrocities committed by men. They were considered as a weak and oppressed section of the society so various laws were made from time to time to protect them. But as we see it today, many laws which were made to benefit the females are many times used by them to their advantage in a wrong way by interfering with the right of the males.

There are various laws framed after independence to protect the women like Hindu Marriage Act 1955, Hindu Marriage and Adoption Act 1956, Special Marriage Act 1954, Dowry Protection Act 1961, Domestic Violence Act 2005, Prevention of Child Marriage Act 2006, and certain other provisions of IPC relating to domestic violence.

How are males at a disadvantageous position
There are various laws which put males in a disadvantageous position. They are many times trapped in false cases. The various legislations made to protect the rights of the women are used by them to harass men and sometimes to satisfy their ego. For them, the authorities are very strict and have to face various atrocities at the hands of the police authorities. Also, most of the crimes against women are cognizable and non-bailable which becomes more difficult for innocent males.

There are various legislations which protect the rights of females but none which support the cause of men in the society. Most of the cases of divorce go under the Domestic Violence Act and cruelty under Section 498-A of IPC. Many times these cases are just filed to get money from their partners. And one such false allegation is capable of ruining his career and his reputation in the society. Cases of females marrying multiple times just to get the property and maintenance from their rich husbands have also been found.

Women-centric laws are made to protect women from abuses in society. It was the need when they were implemented and still the need exists. But along with it, it is also necessary to see that no one who is innocent is getting harmed by such laws in any war whatsoever. Also, a tedious job in the hand of the judges to see that the approach of the society that the women are the ones who are always the victims in women-centric laws should not affect them when they are delivering their judgment.

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