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If after getting married any woman face any type of cruelty or harrassment or violence by her in laws, then in that case she can file a complaint in any nearest police station against her in laws.


Any woman who is facing any kind of cruelty, assault, torture or violence of any degree ( either physical or mental or emotional ) by her in laws, can file a case against them. Mental tortures could also act as an important evidence and reason against her in laws, there is no such conditions that only after any activity of physical violence she can take a legal move against her in laws.

Harrassment conducts by in laws could be any of the below mentioned categories i.e. :

  1. Any type of harrassment or cruelty by either her husband or his family.
  2. Any kind of injury, domestic violence or grievous hurt caused to her by either her husband or his family.
  3. Any kind of torture/ pressure which tends her to kill herself or forces her to commit suicide.
  4. Any demand or pressure for dowry by her in laws either to her or to her family.
  5. Any unlawful activity that would amount to cruelty by her in laws.

Or other conducts like –

  • Taunting, questioning her dignity or using abusive language which leads to mental torture.
  • Obstruct her rights to visit any place or meet anyone either family or any relatives/ friends/ colleagues. Or even denying to meet her children, which causes her to bare emotional torture.
  • Not allowing her to eat or confining her for a longer time, or restricting her to enter her husband’s house.
  • Forcefully pressurising her for an intercourse against her consent.
  • Giving her divorce threats to make her do any unlawful / unethical activity.
  • Torturing her children either by physical violence or by abusing.

Laws to protect woman against harrassment by in laws :

Law has given all the women legal rights to protect themselves from such unlawful conducts and use their rights as a legal weapon. In India, woman’s don’t really know what rights she possess. There is a lack of knowledge and awareness among women from both urban and rural areas.

There are certain provisions in the Indian penal code that deals with woman harrassment cases, these laws are –

  1. Section 498- A : Any type of cruelty ( Physical or Mental ) committed by either her husband or his family.
  2. Section 509 : Any action, words or phrases used by her in laws to insult her dignity.
  3. Section 304-B : If a woman dies within 7 years of her marriage because of severe burns or bodily injuries and if there is any strong evidence found indicating any type of physical violence or mental cruelty on her for dowry then it will be considered as dowry death.
  4. Section 306 : If a woman commits suicide under traumatic situations caused because of torture or violence by her in laws.
  5. The Domestic Violence Act, 2005 :
    A) Under section 17 of the domestic violence act, if a woman’s family don’t allow her to enter their house on account of the legal complaint raised by her against them.
    B) Committing or abetting in any kind of domestic violence on her. Disturbing her at her workplace or by any communication means.
  6. The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 : The conduct of dowry is strictly prohibited under this law. Any act of either demanding or accepting dowry is a punishable offence.

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