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In a country where on an average 87 rapes happen everyday, being a women itself a big challenge for every female in India. In such environment and  circumstances, lifting up ourselves is not less than a dream and the women who could be able to accomplish it are no less than a macho women. Often there are various gender based discriminatory ill-practices at workplaces, and law is not untouched with the same. It is the most usual reason why female lawyers have to strive harder. This makes women more tolerating which benefits them in their daily life as well. They becomes more enduring in their relationships where they are well aware of compromising. Mostly women join this profession because of the positional benefits of this field and to stabilize themselves. It’s quite true that sometimes contrary outcomes can be seen but it is not always the case.

In India, there has been a significant rise in the number of female lawyers after the year 2000. Right from the entering into the profession, women become vulnerable to the constrained thought process of the society, family, colleagues at their counterparts, etc. The women who go through all this happens to be more tough than the normal females which is the sole reason sometimes there may be conflicts in the male dominated societies, but afterall they are also humans and they need to me treated equally.

It is quite possible that people may perceive female lawyers as some imaginary friends, but that’s not true in real life. They are as realistic as men are. Even they are more understanding in the terms of some emotional connect with the person whom with they are. As long as the time constraints and busy life is concerned, male lawyers are equally busy and for this the nature of profession is to be blamed instead of the persons engaged in it.

Having a female partner in Legal profession makes the couple more informed and knowledgeable. If a partner argues on something and the other partner takes it as an humiliation or some kind of  stigma over them, it is a blunder on their part. It is because of the misconception of the identity in terms of dominance of one gender over the other. Otherwise, having a female lawyer as a life partner clearly means having a good reserve of analytical treasure in one’s life equally bestowed with humanity and emotions.

For context, women have comprised around 47% of graduating law school classes since 2000, and yet women represent only about 18% of equity partners nationwide because most of the women leave it out of the stress, peer pressure, societal norms and stigmas, stereotypes and family pressures.

With being a lawyer, life appear to be robotically ordered with everything they do. Time commitment is the key to become a successful lawyer. The calendar is going to be the focal point of your household, so you can say goodbye to all dreams of spontaneous romantic getaways. Lawyers have put their jobs first. To become a lawyer̥ is not an easy task. Its a road full of roller-coaster ride. Learning and fighting for opportunities is difficult when male dominant society supresses you in this field. With all this, they also need to take care of their families, children, elders, etc. It makes them a quite understanding, enduring, caring, emotionally strong and cooperative life partner. They know very well how to manage stress and pressure. They are quite familiar with managing the personal and professional life. They can be called Alfa Women who are synonymous and no less than Alfa Men. That’s why female partners in Legal profession are the best life partners any person can have.

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