Why IS IT Essential For Kids TO BE Tech Savvy? – Techno Kids

It has become essential for the kids to be techno savvy.
In the present scenario, technology is involved in everything that we do. It is affecting the way we do our work, play and connect with each other, and foremost thing of all, the way we learn. The swelling presence of tech in our lives puts emphasis on why it has become important for the children to fathom dense knowledge about the emerging tech.

Taking into account the relevancy of technology in education, a lot of schools are instigating smart boards and have begun to use tablets for a better teaching. This is not only exposing the kids to technology but also proffering them the benefit of advanced learning.

There are multiple ways through which kids can capitalize the tech. The instigation of gadgets in classrooms has primarily piqued their interest. The same class that used to be boring has now turned exciting. The visual and aural method of teaching keeps them engaged in the classroom.

In place of the hefty textbooks, laptops and tablets feel more comfy to use. Furthermore, the facility of Internet gives them an added benefit of searching anything on prompt basis without breaking a sweat.

Along with studies, kids having a good grasp on technology and gadget life hacks can utilize their leisure time into doing something productive.

They can access plenty of resourceful applications and games that sharpen their mind. Also, it is a common phenomenon for a tech-savvy kid to have a good understanding of electronics so they have the caliber to effortlessly operate any electronic device. And by consistently exploring more and more about tech encourages them to get used to their newly developed skill set.

Techno Kids is an interactive learning show that fathoms the worth of being techno savvy. Targeted for the age group of four to fourteen years, kids are bestowed with tricks and techniques of utilizing the quotidian waste material into making something useful.
For instance, in the recent episodes, the host of the show aka DJ made a wired remote control car from squandered material such as cardboard, wheels, etc. Taken into account that owning a remote control car is one of the biggest demands of the children, it is a tremendously preferable thing to learn to make a car of your own that is not just free but pretty alluring as well.

Apart from playful stuff, handy things such as vacuum cleaner, Smart Phone Projector, etc have also been tutored on the show. The steps of making the devices are simple enough for the kids to do them on their own. The program airs every weekend on Maha Cartoon TV.
Available both online and offline for streaming, the episodes can be watched anytime, anywhere.
The author is a techno freak and stays reformed about every news or event related to science and technology.

He hasn’t missed any episode of and finds the show a lot amusing for the reason it rightfully apprehends the worth of professing the kids with the knowledge of mechanical and engineering.


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