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[Event Review] fifteen weeks afternoon game review: 49 failure to send the opponent 24 points

49 Cowboys 33-41

49 In fact, the biggest enemy is themselves.

Washington last week completed two defensive touchdowns group this week 49 turnovers directly to the cowboy “contribution” to 24 points. Quarterback Nick – Mullens (Nick Mullens) and Richie – James (Richie James) in the first quarter were off the ball once, twice Cowboys also take advantage of this opportunity to get 14 points.

Mullens passing game the fourth quarter and 2 steals, he steals respectively Donovan – Wilson (Donovan Wilson) and Anthony – Brown (Anthony Brown). Denim against Greg – 46 yards kick Zur Ryan (Greg Zuerlein) shot with Tony – Pollard (Tonny Pollard) 40 yards rushing touchdowns 10 points.

In a wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping-kick will be sent out to seven points after 49 people gambling kick attempt failed, Sheedy – Lamb (CeeDee Lamb) get the ball, back to attack 47 yards and a touchdown. The touchdowns fact is important because C.J. Bei Sade (C.J. Beathard) final 49 yards long pass successfully, the connection Kendrick – Byrne (Kendrick Bourne) touchdown.

Cowboys quarterback Andy – Dalton (Andy Dalton) 33 passes the field completed 19 times, advancing 209 yards, 2 touchdowns.

Seahawks 20-15 in Washington

The fourth quarter began the game, Washington 3-20 behind. Two touchdowns so that they will be sent out to five points, a touchdown would allow them to win a reversal.

1:18 left in the game, the immediate concern of Washington Seahawks 23 yards line. But Seattle defense group stood out after two consecutive sack, Washington only desperate in fourth gear 24 yards. Quarterback Dwyane – Haskins (Dwayne Haskins) failed to complete the pass, the Seahawks took the victory.

Seahawks rushing attack is the key to win today, they were advancing ground 181 yards, an average of every seven yards rushing able to advance. Running back Chris – Carson (Chris Carson) advancing 63 yards, Carlos – Hyde (Carlos Hyde) in the third quarter contributed to a 50-yards rushing touchdowns, which is the longest distance this season, the Seahawks rushed the ball.

Russell quarterback – Wilson (Russell Wilson) 27 18 complete passes, advancing 121 yards, touchdown, steals once. He also rushed the ball six times, advancing 52 yards, including one 38 yards forward.

Haskins 55 passes the field completed 38 times, advancing 295 yards, touchdown, steals twice. Tight end Logan – Thomas (Logan Thomas) the ball 13 times, advancing 101 yards.

Pirate Falcons 31-27

Due to a big lead but was often the go-ahead, the Falcons early in the season fired head coach Dan – Quinn (Dan Quinn), but the problem remains unresolved.

Falcons today halftime leading 17-0, 24-7 third quarter lead. But the pirates found a rhythm, scoring five consecutive possessions, and against Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) touchdown catch of 46 yards ahead score.

This is the first time Brown as a pirate player to score the team’s playoff hopes also to take maintained.

The field 45 passes Brady completed 31 times, advancing 390 yards, 2 touchdowns. Taking into account only the first half of his pass forward 70 yards, this data is even more shocking. Brown completed five catches for the audience, to promote 93 yards. – Mike Evans (Mike Evans) to complete the ball six times, advancing 110 yards.

Falcons quarterback Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) 49 passes the field completed 34 times, advancing 356 yards, three touchdowns. Calvin – Ridley (Calvin Ridley) to complete the ball 10, advancing 163 yards, 1 touchdown.

Texans Colts 20-27

Outside pony took T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton) at the last moment the ball 41 yards to complete a key, advancing to three yards before the Texans end zone. Soon Houzha Ke – Pascal (Zach Pascal) touchdowns to complete the winning score.

This win pony improve record to 10-4, with the outcome of the game is also very similar to two weeks ago when the Texans right. The last time, the last before the Texans Colts end zone two yards off the ball, lost the ball and wholesale jerseys from china the chance of victory.

Sunday, wide receiver Kiki – Qiuti (Keke Coutee) before the end zone 2-yard line was Darius – Leonard (Darius Leonard) tackles off the ball. Bobby – Eau Leach (Bobby Okereke) got the ball for wholesale nfl jerseys the Texans.

Colts quarterback Philip – Rivers (Phillip Rivers) completed the field 28 passes 22 times, advancing 228 yards, 2 touchdowns. Pascal completed 5 times the ball advancing 79 yards, 2 touchdowns. Running back Jonathan – Taylor (Jonathan Taylor) rushed the ball 16 times, advancing 83 yards, touchdown.

DeShawn – Watson (Deshaun Watson) 41 passes the field completed 33 times, advancing 373 yards, 2 touchdowns. David – Johnson (David Johnson) rushed the ball eight times, advancing 27 yards, also completed 11 catches, 106 yards advancing.

Chiefs 32-29 Saints

While Drew – Brisbane (Drew Brees) return, but several other key players absent, they can only accept defeat.

While the Saints did not give a moment to chase points, but eventually came out on top chiefs, he won the final 32-29 victory.

After the 40-32 loss to the Raiders, Chiefs has made nine straight, currently the highest in the league record of 13-1. But this game also has a bad news: Rookie running back Clyde – 埃德沃兹伊 Lyle (Clyde Edwards-Helaire) suffered a leg / hip injury, while time may be absent.

Patrick – Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) failed to sustain their single-game record 300 yards passing. The field he completed 47 passes 26 times, advancing 254 yards, three touchdowns. Travis – Kelsey (Travis Kelce), Tyreke – Hill (Tyreek Hill) and Morkel – Hardeman (Mecole Hardman) each to complete a touchdown catch.

Brisbane 6 passes before the field were not completed, passing a total of 34 times he completed 15 times, advancing 234 yards, three touchdowns, steals once. Tatham – Hill (Tysom Hill) contributed a red ball touchdowns.

Other competition results:

Titan Lions 25-46

Dolphins Patriots 12-22

Vikings Bears 33-27

Jaguars 14-40 crow

Jets 23-20 Rams

Cardinals Eagles 26-33

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