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As the lions and giant offensive groups have been out of the game, the lion offensive group also got the ball in the first half of the game. Running the left side of Abdullah, breaking through the guards of the defenders, and pushed 24 yards. Entering the giant half a field, the lion takes over Golden Tate, led the team to 38 yard lines with a 10-yard ball. In the last season, I have saved the team’s player Matt Prate (Matt Prater) to try 56 yards, his shoot hit the column, bounced into the goal! The lion has entered the midfield with a score of 17:7.

Vegas said: “For to be a member of the Bears, and I’m excited this is what I’ve always wanted to find a job I feel for their work, and a group of good players to work together to help coach John. – Fox (John Fox), which is a good job for me. “

In 2016, this selection was very magical. The two-wheeled show came out of the famous sounds & mdash; & mdash; Sterling Shepard, Michael Thomas, Tayler Boyd (Tyler Boyd) The first round of show is unknown with an unknown, in addition to the previous two, and Corey Coleman and Will Fuller.

Elays Manning also does not want to show weakness. He first shorted his hand three times, led the team to the midfield. Giant Xiu Near Evan Engram first is the ball to advance 17 yards; then, he suddenly took off from the full guard position, and easily completed 18 yards to catch up with 18 yards in the case of unmanned defenders. The giant will be scored into 7: 7 flat.

The lion offensive group returned to the field. Their offensive front line was blown up twice twice in a row, and Stafford did not convert the length of up to 30 yards. The game entered the fourth quarter, Brandon Marshall in the big empty-mail did not catch the ball, the giant had to abandon the kick; the lion rookie Horn Guamal – Jamal Agnew flicker, avoided I have been hugging many times, and I’m going to attack 88 code to score! just click the next web page score became 24:10, and the male lion expanded the score gap to 14 points in their specialist group.

Besides “injuries”: When Pete Carroll coach, Pete Carroll, “Now, this Haiye has a deeper lineup than in 2013”, he may not think that in 17 weeks later, this lineup Will let him be so headache. In the first week of the game, the quarter-saving Russell Wilson was sprased into the left ankle, followed by the left knee ligament in the third week of the 49 people. Wilson, who is known to hold the ball and run out the pocket, and the sea eagle is like a leg, not only passed, but the pavement attack also makes the other party easier to ponder, plus it at all. Attack the front line, the Huawa’s road rush data is a thousand feet, and the major statistics fell out of 20. In the 11th week, the new show running guard CJ Prosise was injured in the shoulder of the eagle, and the diagnosis of the game took 6 to 8 weeks after the recovery time, directly let the potential, unlimited road / ball double threaten player No regular game. Next, in the 13th week of the black panther, the soul of the sea eagle is defensive, the soul of the sea eagle & mdash; & mdash; free security EARL THOMAS calf fracture directly, Thomas after the injury, Thomas actually born, in social media Considering retirement, let the fans have a mood of the valley, and the snow in the snow is the 16th week of the competition. It has grown to take over the team’s second-handed Tyler Lockett right leg tibia and the tibia. The fracture is unable to continue this season. The offensive group worked repeatedly because of the injury, the lack of the defensive group’s soul character made Pete Carroll coaches were stretched on the troops, and they directly lead to the prospects of the Hawks in the playoffs.

At this time, the lion begins to try to consume time through the mushroom, and they are also out of the game. Subsequently, the giant runs Shane En-Flin brush to promote 20 yards, helping the team to enter the male lion half. Since then, the giant once again faces the four-speed 10 yards, Odel Beckham has not completed the ball, and the giant returns again. At this point, there is still 4 minutes and 28 seconds from the end of the game, and the lion is still spent time through the mushroom. Running the right side of the right side of Abdullah, please advance the 34 yards. In the face of the three-speed 11 yards, the lions ran to So-Reddick, and the three gears were surprisingly converted. The ultimate lion will almost exhausted the whole game time, and also draw a new year. In this way, the Detroit Lion took the New York giant at 24:10 away, and the two consecutive wins were also reported to the end of the season, and gave the New York Giants two-game losing.

External Take Dibo – Samuel and Xiaoli – James Jr.) It is expected to bear more ball tasks. 49 people, middle and foreign junctions, including Brandon Aiyuk, Kendrick Bourne, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis .

Maybe “civil chaos” is also an essential element that is a controversial strong team. It is different from the private grievances of Percy Harvin a few years ago. This year, the problem inside the Haiying team is concentrated in players and coaches, offensive groups and defensive groups. between. First, Doug Baldwin is in the game of the Eagle, and the offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell of the venue is elected. Although the team officially said that this is the expression between them, but no one can see Baldwin. It is not satisfied with Bevell’s tactical arrangements. Not only the player is not satisfied with Bevell, the team deputy coach and offensive frontline coach Tom Cable is also asked in the press conference. Why did this season’s pavement is so bad, put the pot to bevell. This is not the most chaotic, and the famous big mouth in the Haiying team, the 15 weeks defeated the ram of the ram, and also on the side of the BEVELL pointed, and after the reporter, the reporter will speak. The theory of “1 code line should be shocked”. Although Pete Carroll coach took a internal meeting with Sherman after a few days, the Pete Carroll coach has opened an internal meeting with “solving internal problems”, but did not expect that Sherman not only took the mouth with ESPN reporters at the press conference, but also revealed to the media. It is said that the Carroll coach “excessively optimistic”. This is not finished, the last game, the new show Jarren Reed was punished in the next field because it was not cold and static, and then accused him to accuse him. The second grade Senior Frank Clark is playing. When this picture is broadcast live broadcast on TV, All Haiying fans exclaimed, how about the harmonious mutual love! ?

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