Who do I blame? I blame you and me! I blame America! I blame the U.S. Congress! I blame schools, but most of all I blame parents. Parents have ceased to teach their children the moral values our grandparents taught our parents. We parents seem to be rearing our children in such a haphazard way that morality is not even being mentioned in 99% of the homes today.

alcohol abuse facts This search begins in the preteen years where not only are you searching for identity, but clarification of sexual roles, search out and set goals for your life, asserting your independence and learning to cope with authority. This is the “rebellious” age, they aren’t really rebelling they are trying to figure out who they are.

Stress is a part of our make up. It if the overdrive with which we react to emergencies and dangers, The body gears up for perceived emergencies. This is a good thing in a emergency, but not many times daily over small things. This overdrive used more neurotrnsmitters which there are not enough already. And a downward trend continues. The lack of neurotransmitters is also directly linked to Add/Adhd and all the 1000’s of children diagnosed today.

I love the guitar and organ intro to Virginia. It is a dialog song with a great, memorable chorus. The subject is well known among the late night bar crowd. It is a song of loneliness and hanging on to the last available companion for the night. The lyrics and melodies of this song are excellent.

drug abuse facts In 2005, heart-failure came calling! I was hospitalized at the VA Medical Center for over three months! Taken by ambulance, I was not able to make arrangements to get my possessions out of my apartment, and I lost everything! Now, I know what the victims of hurricane Katrina felt like when they lost everything! During this time, I was wondering what the correlation between depression and heart-failure was, and so, again a did a little research, and here’s what I found.

substance abuse faces Fact: escaping addiction Children are exposed to drugs earlier and earlier in their lives. By survey, 45% of the children in public schools in the U.S. have tried drugs or alcohol, or are using them, by the 8th grade.

Should we be doing something about the increase of drug use and violence in youth now, while we can? Should we wait for someone else to do something about it, like throwing kids in jail or medicating offenders into oblivion? Billions of dollars go into crime enforcement strategies – much of this money goes toward policing, justice systems etc.

Age can cause hair loss. When the body advances in age there is a gradual decline in cellular function including hair follicular function which will result in hair thinning and increased hair loss. Such loss of hair and baldness problems caused by age can be treated using drugs such as minoxidil. Minoxidil is a vasodilator which increases blood supply to the scalp when it is applied onto the skin of the scalp. This increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients reaching the scalp, thus stimulating all hair follicles that had gone into the resting stage to come back into the production line and increase hair growth.

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