“Crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in course of their occupation.                           E. H.Sutherland. Related to the corporate sector, white collar crimes are defined as non-violent crimes, generally committed by businessmen and government professionals. In simple words, crimes committed by people who acquire important positions in a company are called white collar crimes.

  • It is a crime.
  • That is committed by an important person of the company.
  • Who enjoys a high social status in the company.
  • And has committed it in the course of his profession or occupation.
  • There may be a violation of trust.

 Features of White Collar Crimes

i. The white-collar crimes are committed by reputed persons of upper class they are committed during their profession or business
ii. In those crimes, there is a violation of any of the criminal laws.
iii. Their objective is not need but greed i.e. to earn the accumulated wealth.

 Causes of white-collar crimes

i. Tendency of Selfishness – The first cause of white-collar crime is the tendency of the selfishness of a man. Man of today era wants to earn more and more wealth by hook or crook. For this, the powers and position of a person is misused by
ii. Capitalist system – Under this system industrialization capital is concentrated into the hands of few persons and they try to earn wealth by legal or illegal means.

iii. Weakness in law – The laws related to such crimes are weak ad complicated so that it cannot trap the criminal, even if he gets into it, he saves himself anyhow.

iv. Lack of proper punishment – There are many white-collar crimes for which there is no punishment of imprisonment but there is only punishment of fine so that the criminal is not under any fear.

v. Apathy of public – Society does not take any step against such persons. The public is not interested in checking up of such crimes. With the result, that there is no terror of society in the conscience of criminals.

vi. Lack of legal awareness- Most of the public are not aware of the law. They do not understand as to white-collar crimes and legal action to be taken against persons who commit them. Many times, even the FIR is not got recorded.

vii. Secrecy – White-collar crimes are of very secret. They are committed very cleverly so that the people are not aware of it. This is the reason that the public cannot take any action against people who commit such crimes.

Methods to check white-collar crimes
i. Severe Punishment
ii. Clear definition
iii. Speedy trial
iv. Economic punishment
v. Public awareness
vi. There should be check over political protection

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