Which school is one of the best schools in Lahore

It is extremely hard when making a choice for your baby’s life and we assure you that The Punjab School in Lahore confirms the security and career development of your child. The aim of The Punjab School is to develop well-rounded individuals, who are eco-conscious and will grow up to be global citizens with humanitarian values. The school motto “Elm Bil Qalam” is succinctly encapsulated in its school emblem through the symbol of the fountain pen at the center. This motto is the driving force in the school’s pursuit of academic excellence.

The Punjab school is the best primary school in Lahore.

Our mission is to groom your child in the best way possible. We want our students to learn from every experience they go through and we want to make them better citizens. And Above all an abiding faith in the Almighty, and in His grace to attain the highest standards possible. We believe that your kids are our kids and we want to see them succeed in their long lives. The journey of this world isn’t easy and we are here to guide your babies through every step of the way. The Punjab school is one of the leading schools with 5 campuses in Lahore and offers great benefits and opportunities to its children also The Punjab school has qualified teaching staff, experienced administration and quality education. The Punjab school as the best primary school in Lahore has an impressive infrastructure with dedicated staff. We offer our students international qualifications that are recognized by educational institutes and organizations across the globe.

Play Group, Nursery and Prep

The first Educational step that a child takes at an impressionable age of 3.5 years is in Play Group and then on to Nursery and Prep. Bearing in mind that the foundation of a child’s personality is laid and two third of his/her intellect formed at this age, we have created an environment and system of teaching which is entirely Child friendly. The students of these Classes are housed in a separate block with their own work area, play area and well-equipped activity room. It finds a more prominent place in the Prep Curriculum when the child is five. Recognition, reading and writing of Urdu and English alphabet and small words are then introduced. Basic arithmetic concepts are also introduced here.

Class I to V

The basic concepts that a child was introduced to the Preschool take a firmer footing here and the syllabus becomes more Broad-based. The Young learner is gradually exposed to subjects like Urdu, English, Mathematics, General Science and Social Studies besides teaching of Islamiyat & Naazra Quran. Efforts are made to make the teaching communicative and Interactive to encourage student participation.

Class VI to VII

The Punjab School’s curriculum, for Classes VI to VII is designed to develop the all-around personality of students. It includes Academics as well as a variety of co-curricular activities. The academic subjects include Urdu, English, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology,) Social Studies Computer Education, Islamiyat and Naazra Quran.

Personalized Learning

At The Punjab School, we create a difference through our personalized approach to teaching methods. we emphasize PERSONALISED LEARNING which is possible when there is an education system in which assessment, curriculum, teaching style and out-of-hours provision are all designed to discover and nurture the unique talents of every child.

Teaching Faculty

The Teaching Faculty comprises professionally qualified, experienced and devoted Teachers. Majority of the Teachers Posses Master’s Degrees in their respective disciplines. Professional training experience in teaching mental alertness self-confidence commitment, general bearing and traits of balanced personality are given due weight while recruiting the staff. Even for Nursery classes the same criterion is observed and twenty-eight Montessori teachers, trained from the University of the Punjab, have been employed keeping in view the mental level and the age group of the students.

Staff Development Centre

Professional development plays a very significant role in effective staff development that focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for teachers, administrators and other school employees to improve the performance of students at all levels. The Punjab School has its own training center for the professional development of teachers. In-service training workshops are arranged throughout the year. These workshops are conducted not only by professional trainers from different reputed institutions but also by the teachers of the Punjab School. https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266769 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266071 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266839 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265418 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/268135 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266081 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265207 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266844 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265423 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266849 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265212 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265217 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266769/RedditStreamS_FIFA_World_Cup_Live_StreamReddit_ON_ https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266071/beIN_SPORTS_Netherlands_vs_Argentina_Live_Stream%F0%9D%9A%81 https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266839/FREE_STREAMING_Watch_Netherlands_vs_Argentina_Live https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265418/Netherlands_vs_Argentina_Live_Stream_Reddit__Crack https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/268135/Reddit_FIFA_World_Cup_2022_StreamS_-_Argentina_vs_ https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266081/TOTAL_SPORTEK_Argentina_vs_Netherlands_Free_LIVE_S https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265207/Blacktie_Sports_-_Free_Reddit_Netherlands_vs_Argen https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266844/RedditStreamS_Argentina_vs_Netherlands_Live_Stream https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265423/CrackstreamsNetherlands_vs_Argentina_Live_StreamRe https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/266849/OfficialRedditFIFA_World_Cup_Netherlands_vs_Argent https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265212/++RedditStreamS_Netherlands_vs_Argentina_Live_Stre https://new.c.mi.com/ph/post/265217/%F0%9D%90%8B%F0%9D%90%88%F0%9D%90%95%F0%9D%90%84%F0%9D%90%92%F0%9D%90%93%F0%9D%90%91%F0%9D%90%84%F0%9D%90%80%F0%9D%90%8CTV_Argentina_vs_Netherlands_Li https://techplanet.today/post/reddit-fifa-world-cup-2022-streams-argentina-vs-netherlands-live-stream-at-reddit-2022 https://techplanet.today/post/free-streaming-watch-netherlands-vs-argentina-live-streaming-at-broadcast-09-december-2022 https://techplanet.today/post/youtube-tv-netherlands-vs-argentina-free-live-stream-120922 https://techplanet.today/post/netherlands-vs-argentina-live-stream-reddit-crackstreams-reddit-stream-and-buffstream-alternatives https://pasteio.com/xSRVWGU22W80 https://pastelink.net/bxob01rm https://paiza.io/projects/6fkRLoaGVtXXMAFqhstcHw?language=php https://ide.geeksforgeeks.org/d04123ac-7705-49b9-a510-341483a546c1 https://bitbin.it/XNWFlzlE/ https://paste.ee/p/egrAQ https://paste.cutelyst.org/mCfHRhEoR http://paste.jp/06a3d58b/ https://onecompiler.com/java/3yr7xemgh https://justpaste.it/ciycz http://pastie.org/p/2M83IlNM3QG7F0XwW6Pfk2 https://pastebin.com/up6weW4H https://paste2.org/HDImmgH9 https://p.teknik.io/aKKQr https://paste.rs/yMX https://jsfiddle.net/neot6Ljr/ https://ideone.com/PmK4Sp https://rextester.com/ https://paste.cutelyst.org/GFDAKkbES https://paste.artemix.org/-/_WKFX9 https://paste.feed-the-beast.com/view/9cfa55fc https://pasteshr.com/adsdfgdfsdfgdfsdgfg https://yamcode.com/temkmdj5zo https://www.pastery.net/mmpcyy/ https://telegra.ph/adsdfgsadsdf-12-07 https://controlc.com/index.php?act=submit https://notes.io/qvJNp https://tech.io/snippet/b0krrhC https://geany.org/p/t5iJL/ https://janalees.com/blogs/news/pride https://events.ajc.com/event/561785022799d02281989fe87b2371d2 https://posteezy.com/sdfb-adsfdvf-adsdv-adsdcv-adsdf https://wow.curseforge.com/paste/ba5e14a8 https://ctxt.io/2/AAAQy5oJEg https://www.geany.org/p/ps3Uw/ https://ide.geeksforgeeks.org/ea5ced70-4c46-4431-8a8b-bd06181dff92 https://rextester.com/l/php_online_compiler https://challonge.com/vhjz1hqt


Computer Education is a compulsory subject for all the classes up to 8th grade. Elaborate and adequate arrangements have been made for its Teaching at all School Campuses. Two periods have been allocated for the same in the school’s weekly timetable for each class. There are 22 fully networked, computer laboratories with over 400 Workstations. The schools continually upgrade and enhance their state- of-the- art Computing Facilities

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