What is the 5-step process of business outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing is defined by entrusting the IT services to an external provider that owns, administers and achieves designated processes built on quantifiable performance metrics. 

What is the reason behind outsourcing?

Business processes have been outsourced for various reasons over time. it’s in fact been an evolving concept where in the past relocation took place to manage time and decrease labour costs. Now it’s because of a lack of qualified employees. 

In the IT business, outsourcing enables companies to acquire rare competences. As a result, a company that makes use of outsourcing services has a high market position and competitive edge in its operational levels. 

Steps for outsourcing

Plan and prepare

It’s essential to conduct detailed research as you consider outsourcing. Hold a meeting with your team to deliberate the goals you wish to accomplish through this project together with an exigence plan should the move be unproductive. More so do not forget to inform the people who will be impacted by the move. These will be the investors, employees and customers.

Partner up with the correct company

After all the pros and cons have been measured and the plans settled, the next step is to start looking for a business process outsourcing provider. Selecting an outsourcing company can be very complicated. It’s suggested not to fall prey to fancy websites that offer cheap pricing and sweet talk that’s too good to be true. 

Conduct proper research, check for client testimonials, track record of the business, management and pricing before you partner with any company. A provider that understands your business goals and needs is worth investing in.

Delegate and reorganise

Once you have signed the deal, it’s time for you to start delegating. The selected outsourcing company will begin with the hiring and training procedure. It’s best to exercise some patience during this time as it will take a while for things to settle down before you launch your new setup. 

You should be actively involved during this entire process to get effective results and support. Furthermore, it is in the best interests of the company that you transfer employees who will be directly affected by the change to another department where their work can be more fruitful.  

Offer skilful presence

As long as everyone catches up with the new program, the period of adjustment does not matter. A track record of the new and existing employees must be kept. The top performers should be rewarded and those who are unable to do well in their tasks should be provided proper coaching. At the same time acknowledge the progress of the bpo provider and don’t hesitate to communicate to them if there is something you don’t like.

Assess the performance

It is suggested that you continuously get feedback from the customers all through the period of adjustment. By the end of this phase you can evaluate the performance and growth of your business. You may then make any tunings to further extend the contract if the results are satisfactory. If not then you can simply end the contract with your BPO provider. 

Outsourcing is displaying no signs of slowing down as a main driver to a company’s growth and accomplishment. For it to be a solution to your business complications you should recognize what tasks to outsource and appropriately manage the connection between your business and outsourcing company. In addition to pricing, quality, expertise and reliability must be considered.  

Outsourcing is a powerful tool that can aid in serving businesses to perform better functions. It is ideal to find the right partner if your company is new to the idea. Nevertheless, if you follow the steps mentioned above your business is likely to maximise its opportunities for success and minimise the associated risks. 


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