‘We’re Still Looking To The Skies For Pigeons To Communicate Orders In This Age Of Information Technology,’ says CJI Ramana. by Somesh Vaidya @LexCliq

Supreme Court to implement a system to electronically transmit bail orders to prisons to avoid delay in releasing prisoners after granting of bail

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said on Friday that the Supreme Court is considering developing a mechanism to electronically send bail decisions straight to jails so that inmates seeking a certified copy of the judgement are not held up.

“We live in a technologically advanced era. A system dubbed FASTER (Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records) is being considered. Its purpose is to send all instructions to the appropriate prison authorities without having to wait “, according to the CJI.

“We are still looking to the sky for pigeons to convey instructions in this era of information and communication technology,” the CJI remarked.

“I am ordering the Supreme Court’s Secretary-General to submit a report in two weeks,” the CJI continued, “so we can attempt to execute the plan in a month.”

The CJI made these comments when a bench headed by him was hearing a suo moto case on the question of inmates’ release after bail was released.

“This court has issued orders freeing inmates, but they have not been freed due to a lack of copies of the orders. This is excessive “When the matter was taken, the CJI stated.

KK Venugopal, India’s Attorney General, said, “This is wrong.”

Tushar Mehta, India’s Solicitor General, agreed that it was a bad practice. However, the SG said that there are cases when instructions are issued that are false or falsified. As a result, he claimed, the prison officials needed verified copies.

The SG said, “There should be a directive that the order posted on the site is regarded as the authenticated copy.”

Following that, the CJI commented on the Supreme Court’s plans to develop an e-system for transmitting bail orders.

“First and foremost, I want the State government to react since all prisons must have Internet connection otherwise transmission would be impossible,” the CJI said.

The Chief Justice of India has invited Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave to serve as an amicus curiae in the case.

The other members of the court were Justices L Nageswara Rao and AS Bopanna.

The Supreme Court took suo moto notice of the matter after becoming frustrated by the growing number of complaints of delays in releasing convicts even after bail had been granted.

FASTER (Fast and Secure Transmission of Electronic Records) is an innovative system developed for immediate transmission of decisions issued by the supreme court to relevant jails, District Courts, and High Courts, as the case may be, via a secure communication channel. This will save time and effort while also ensuring that the Supreme Court’s orders are carried out without delay. Within two weeks, the Supreme Court’s Secretary-General will present a thorough report outlining a plan on the CJI’s proposal.

Written by Somesh Vaidya

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