Watch these 15 incredible family documentaries with your children.

The Best Family Documentaries for Children to Watch

We all wish to shield our kids from screen addiction as parents. We therefore make an effort to prevent children from engaging in excessive phone or video game use. But perhaps watching some wholesome TV isn’t such a horrible idea. Even better would be to use that time to our advantage by making it into some special family time.

The viewers can enjoy and learn from documentaries, which are an excellent type of edutainment. Here is a list of the top documentaries for families that you can watch with your children.


Favorite Family Documentaries

Next weekend, consider watching these 15 documentaries with your family:


Spacetime Odyssey, Cosmos (2014)

One of the most captivating documentaries on space is this 13-episode series. The 1980 television series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage served as the first installment, and Cosmos: Possible Worlds 2020 served as the third of the Cosmos trilogy.

Since this trilogy’s final installment is essentially a crash lesson in space knowledge, kids should enjoy it more. Additionally, it contains some elements that are particularly interesting to kids, such explaining historical events through visual scenes and transporting the audience on “a ship of imagination” on a journey across space.


Life (2009)

This documentary provides a thorough overview of life on Earth. It is broken up into large groups, such as Mammals and Reptiles & Amphibians, and includes practically all facets of nature. The focus of this 11-episode miniseries is on how animals adapt to new environmental conditions brought on by humans. Your child will become more acquainted with the numerous Earthly living things after seeing this documentary.


Very Cute (2011)

Watch this documentary with your kids if you want them to squeal with awe when they watch TV. Too Cute depicts the development of a variety of adorable small furry animals, such as cats and dogs. One of the best documentaries for youngsters that will instill a lifelong love of animals is this one.


The Egyptian Story (2016)

Watch The Story of Egypt with your child if you want them to learn some history. One of the most thorough family-friendly documentaries about the 5,000-year history of Egyptian culture is this one. The scenes in this documentary about pharaohs, tombs, and pyramids might provoke thought in both you and your kid.


Bully (2011)

For teenagers, this documentary drama movie is a must-see. It begins with the tale of Tyler Long, a tormented adolescent who took his own life as a result, and then follows bullied teenagers who attend public schools in five different cities. This movie offers kids (and adults) fascinating insights into the interactions between bullies and their victims, as well as the reasons why some kids are unable to protect themselves.

You might be concerned that the topic is a little too intense for kids. Well, maybe this isn’t entirely incorrect. But in order to make the documentary suitable for kids, the creators made a number of changes. Additionally, it has a PG-13 rating, so kids under 13 can watch it under parental supervision.


The Penguin March (2005)

This video explores the emperor penguins’ daily lives in Antarctica, including how they migrate from the ocean to the interior, how they reproduce, and how the mother and father penguins cooperate to care for their young.

In addition to teaching children about family values and parent cooperation, this documentary also piques their general interest in penguins.


Bears (2014)

In this documentary, a family of brown bears living in Alaska’s rocky terrain is shown going about their daily lives. It is filled with scenes of adorable cubs having fun and enjoying life. The bears battling for their lives make for some exciting scenes. Nevertheless, it is deemed to be family-friendly and entertaining overall.


Hoping in vain (1994)

Two adolescent African-American lads with humble upbringings want to achieve their NBA greatness. Throughout the episodes, they battle poverty and a host of other issues. Even if they have achieved some measure of relative success, they ultimately still wish to play in the NBA. This documentary’s intriguing feature is its open ending, which lets the audience interpret it as a feel-good film. Additionally, it can help your children learn about the challenges minorities experience in society.


Jiro Wants to Eat Sushi (2011)

If your child enjoys food (and who doesn’t? ), They might find this to be a fascinating tale. Jiro Ono, the world’s top sushi chef at 85 years old, is the subject of this narrative. In a Tokyo subway station, he runs a sushi-only restaurant with 10 seats. The documentary traces the rise of this eatery from obscurity to fame on a global scale. Today, it draws visitors from all over the world who have stood in line for hours to get a bite to eat.


Following Coral (2017)

This is one of the most amusing and instructive family documentaries available on Netflix. It looks for the causes of the oceans’ fast coral loss rate. There is a lot of gorgeous undersea scenery to draw kids in. However, it also teaches children about the present changes taking place on Earth.


Martian Generation (2017)

This is the account of some geeky teens who attend space camp at the US Space & Rocket Center in order to pursue their aspiration of visiting Mars. If your child like science, this is an excellent documentary for them.


Imba Denotes Sing (2015)

Imba Means Sing is a fantastic pick to watch with your child if you’re concerned about the issues facing the globe and want them to share your empathy for other people.

The African Children’s Choir organization sends four Ugandan kids on a global tour. The narrative, which is seen through their eyes, demonstrates how these kids perceive developed nations. It’s a wonderful tale about poverty, the benefits of education, and being born in a wealthy nation.


Fed Up (2014)

This film on physical health addresses a problem that is common yet frequently ignored in contemporary society. The problem is how unaware we are of the significance of the things we choose to put in our bodies. The documentary aims to educate viewers on good eating practices and the causes of obesity while focusing on the detrimental effects of sugar on the body. Learn more statistics on eating disorders.


Choose from the bunch (2019)

This touching film chronicles the development of five puppies as guide dogs from the time of their birth. Your kid will adore this one if they like dogs.


Kedi (2017)

Not to worry. Cat lovers also have choices with us. You and your youngster will adore Kedi if you both love cats. The Istanbul streets are littered with cats in this Turkish film. Just a friendly reminder that the original language of this film is Turkish. Therefore, think about getting a nice subtitle or just watch cats play and eat while not understanding a word. mainly due to the documentary’s attempt to adopt the cats’ perspective and the fact that photos rather than words are used to communicate the majority of the message.



The reason we listed the aforementioned 15 selections as the finest documentaries for families is because they first have kid-friendly topics and second don’t have any sexually explicit material.

Make an effort to treasure the time you have to spend with your child doing something worthwhile. because we all experience life’s busyness. If they’re on a screen, you can’t always be there for them. Furthermore, not all of the media that children consume is as family-friendly as these documentaries. For these circumstances, we have a solution that can greatly simplify your life.

When you’re not available, your youngster can use parental control apps. We advise using the Safes app to help you set screen time limits and shield your children from harmful online content. In this manner, you can guarantee that kids are engaging in safe online behavior.



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