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In the past 2 years, Pierre Paul has completed 12.5 four-point guard, now he and the giants have only one year of contract, Pierre Paul needs to prove herself next season, otherwise he will face unemployment.

The pirate defensive group ranked tenth in the season, but this ranking covered some key issues that plagued the team’s entire season. The pirates allows opponents to get 26.1 points (League No. 26) and ranked the second in terms of defensive other side’s three-speed conversion.

Walsh is now a member of the sea eagle, in the game of the Beijing-Tianjin people, he completed the two 52 yards of free kick attempt in Section III. After the second note, the teammate Richard Shelman (Richard Sherman) was pleased to celebrate together, and throw a few words to the Sida side of the Minnesota.

Cowboy angle tag defensive Wei Zhentian: I am not ready for the last timeThis week, Dallas denim will be on the front of the kaer, the Brandon Carr is still worried about the last and Kelvin Johnson. This week Carl again said that the last failure is because it is not enough.

Blair Volsh showed strong regression performanceOn August 19th, the Viking people in Viking, Brair Walsh, is not because of the way, after all, they gave him a four-year $ 13 million contract, but the latter is in any ball 16 12. Four misses the indication of the show.

According to NFL official website reporters, the team management has never built the current coaching group. They planned to reorganize coaches in the rest period, coach Mark Trestman may be difficult to blame. In any case, the bear must change after the end of the season, I hope they can find a solution to the problem.

When the last time handed over, the denim arranged Karl’s on-to-alete of Johnson, proved that there was a problem with this arrangement. In that game, Matthew Stafford came out of 488 yards, and the lions completely slammed the second line of cowboy through the pass attack. Cowboys need to learn lessons, arrange more reasonable anti-transmission tactics in the outer card of this week. Carl also needs his wire guard and the help of the security guard.

Leiji-Kilbert hopes to contribute to packagingBeijing July 5th, Raygie Gilbert, the rookie season, spent on the packaging training ground, learn the new location and how to play a special group. This externality now feels that he can have contributed to the packaging worker.

Various signs indicate that there are many problems in the field, and there are many problems need to be solved. Katler said: “We have a struggle, caught in a veritable dilemma. I also want to give some solutions, say something different in the interview. However, I also feel that I can’t find a problem. method.”

Kilbert served as a defensive end in Arizona, 57 games, won 143 hugs, 14 killing. Unfortunately, he became a decision, but also to adapt to the responsibilities of the line guards and special group. Kilbert himself is also very clear, the ability to play Trusted group determine whether he will enter the final list.

The US time told reporters on Thursday, and he no longer needs a protective gear. His right hand can complete the game. He said: “I don’t worry about the problem of protective gear, my hand feels very good, I trained very heart We are ready to play the game, the protective gear is not necessary for me, my right hand feels the same. “

Pierre Paul can not wear protective gear next seasonJason Pierre-Paul attended the eight games of the New York Giants, and his right hand worn the protective gear, he didn’t need to worry about the problem of protective gear next season. .

Carterler: I can’t solve the current problemIn Monday night this week, Chicago bears defeated the New Orleans Saint in 15-31. The team’s performance and game attitude are also criticized by fans and media. As a quadruple, Jay Cartler’s downturn has largely affected the results of the game. Although the game Carter was copied 3 times, the team’s problem is far more simple. In the competition, the bear has repeatedly missed, the team like a plate of sand. They were blindly kicked, even 10 teams sent a game.

When the two teams were held in the last season, the lions finally defeated the cowboy at 31-30. All games, Johnson completed 14 times and won 329 yards. Most of these numbers come from and the latter, the latter believes that they can complete “revenge” this week. Carl said: “I tell yourself, I have a better enough. When I handed over, we didn’t set a good game plan in advance, ready enough. This time we have confidence to prevent him.”

Smith was in unemployed this season after being dismissed in January last year. He served as a seven-year coach for the Falcon, led the team to enter the playoffs, Strandapples.Com with a total record of 66 wins and 46 negative (58.9% win). He became a Five season defensive coordinator in Jacksonville America before 2008.

For Smith, this work represents its own market and allows yourself to get more coach opportunities in the future. If he can greatly enhance the pirate defense, he will become an attractive coach candidate at this time next year.

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