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When the value of the referee did not see the action of Als kick opponents, they said that they made the reaction & mdash; & mdash; he pulled the foot of the Els. It was therefore throwing a penalty for a foul by the referee, but Els did not punish.

Dolphins star wide receiver: the red zone can not blame the poor offensive coachIn this week’s tournament on Thursday night, Nfl jerseys the Miami Dolphins home 22: 9 victory over division rivals Buffalo Bill, continue to fight for a playoff spot. But the dolphin’s face is not satisfactory in the face of Bill’s game in the first half only got 3 points, scored six times into the red zone only two touchdowns, offensive red zone efficiency is very low.

Richardson got 271 yards 1 time in 29 rounds last season. However, he is more active in the late season. In the last two games in the regular season, he completed 10 battles and four points to Wilsell Wilson, gave him more frequently.

Davis said in the online social media: “I asked the Thai to his girlfriend last night. He sang me.” This is too interesting. “Local time Monday, Tai Oi learned about this matter after choosing social media Davis: “Last season, there are still many people to harass me in the game. I have passed this season. So I have passed in the game:” I told him in the game: & lsquo; think about a new joke. & Rsquo; “

There is currently no specific situation about injuries, but it is obvious that the patriot can no longer lose their close-end striker, because their four-point Wei Tom Braddy (Tom Brady) did not play the game before the regular season.

Hawks activated external walking Richardson appearance qualificationsSeattle Eagle Saturday from the injury unable to play the list of Paul Richardson, putting the external handle of the Carria – Ricardo Lockette in the injury reserve.

According to the “Chicago Forum” reported, the new England Patriots new transaction came from Akeem Ayers because of the game of Jigili Stadium last Sunday. Kyote kick Chicago Bear Offense Fengkel Kyle is a fine of $ 8250. He is in the part of the inguinal area.

Five this week, the Dolphins top wide receiver Mike – Wallace (Mike Wallace) said the poor offensive team in the red zone can not push the responsibility to offensive coordinator Bill in an interview – La Zuoer (Bill Lazor), he said. : “we are very difficult to get in the game a week before the end zone touchdowns, tactical coach (La Zuoer) is no problem, we need to perform better people always blame the coach here do not, there do. not much, but the coach does not let us touchdowns, he was not in the game field. we are the players responsible for touchdowns. like today, six red zone only two touchdowns this performance, perhaps into the playoffs no problem, but there can be a big breakthrough. “

Tyoly has become a focus of concern because of the “fake girlfriend incident” during the university, and he has proved his own reasons through his own performance. Although there are very few people who have rejuvenated the old things, some opponents will still take “black history” in the game, and 49 people attack the disappointment of Antanyi-Davis (Anthony Davis) is one of them.

Griffin, who has been plagued by the foot injury, returning to the training, although it is listed as unable to determine the possibility, but the head coach Mike, Mo, said Griffin will be on the field.

Vijin defensive end Fengrifen is expected to create a history recordViking Guardian Defensive Dide Front Aviver Griffen has a great hope to create a team history. At present, he harvested at least one consecutive results, with Jerry Allen. Jared Allen and Jim Marshall are first.

According to the scoring system of PFF (Pro Football Focus, the Thai Range is ranked 21 in the 10-bit 3-4 inner yard. His progress is obvious, teams and fans believe that he can grow up to a more excellent player in the future.

Flashing wire guards disdain for opponentsIn last week, San Diego lightning defeated the 49 people in San Francisco, the flash line Weimei Thai (Manti TE & RSQUO; O) was filled with each of the team’s defense. Since the second year of your career, Thal is more and more stable. He has become a team that is essential to defense. In addition to the performance of the field, the scandal of the field looks far from him.

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