Wallpaper trends 2022 – the styles that are already the talk of the town

When refreshing your home, there’s nothing better than a new wallpaper to revive and reinvigorate your walls. The wallpaper trends coming up for 2022 offer so much scope in terms of styles, colourways and themes.

The love for wallpaper ideas has gone through varying periods of popularity over the years, but it’s very much having a moment right now. Largely thanks to homeowners becoming braver with decorating choices – our homes are bolder and more expressive.

Wallpaper is a key trend for 2022, and the insatiable appetite from consumers doesn’t look like abating any time soon,’ says David Harris, Design Director at Andrew Martin. ‘Whatever your taste, there is something everyone, from traditional florals and trompe l’oeil, to contemporary geometric and tropical patterns or animal motifs and architectural designs. The usage is also bolder and braver. If you have the confidence, there are endless possibilities.’

Wallpaper trends 2022
‘One trend we have seen across the board and that we expect to continue, is clients’ confidence and willingness to be more playful with design,’ says Rosie Ward, Creative Director of Ward & Co. ‘As a result of spending more time at home, our clients are more on board with adventurous patterns, texture and bold colour, or play with scale and form.’

Whether you’re creating a feature wall or creating an entirely new scheme, read on to discover the now and next in wallpaper trends.

1. Blooming florals

‘Florals for wallpaper? Vintage Abstract Wallpaper . No but really, they just work,’ says Nina Tarnowski, Founder of Woodchip & Magnolia. ‘They can also be adapted to suit any space or design style. Always consider the size of the room when making florals work in your space. The bigger the space, the bigger you can go with the bloom. For more compact rooms, stick to the smaller, more intricate designs to make the space look bigger.’

2. Wood effect

Bring a hint of the natural world into any room of the room with wallpaper disguised to look like bare wooden walls.

‘The desire to be more connected to nature has increased over the past year, with the importance highlighted of its benefit on wellbeing,’ says Olivia Crosher, interior designer at Naturewall. ‘People are wanting to add the warmth and depth found in natural colours and materials to their interiors to make their homes comfortable, calming, and relaxing environments.’

3. Botanical Wallpaper are about more than what’s stylish and cool – it’s a reflection of our values and where we are in the world.

‘When designing our Wallpaper of the Year 2022, we really took our time to consider what is important to us and what we have valued over the past year,’ says Maryanne Cartwright, Design Manager of Graham & Brown. ‘As time seemed to slow, we had a moment of self-reflection to consider the environment around us from the protective shells of our homes, we discovered the importance of self-care.’

‘Through the limited access to the outdoors, we have truly appreciated the importance of nature, and the natural calmness that we find in the elements. Floral Wallpaper led us to the creation of Restore, its wild and trailing detailing references the natural habitat reclaiming the urban spaces, questioning our impact on the environment and a need to reconnect with natures healing qualities.”

4. Graphic design
Art-inspired prints are a recurring trend in wallpaper design, and this year the graphic, abstract style is leading the pack.

The trend of abstract cut-out design has changed and morphed quite a bit since its take off in popularity a few years ago,’ says Jess, designer and data analyst at Hovia. ‘ Vintage Wallpaper are seeing creators experiment with different materials now, such as wood, paint, canvas, and weaving. Over time this trend has evolved from a digital style to more tactile designs with focus on textures and textiles.’

5. Leaves Wallpaper l’oeil
Trompe l’oeil, the french term meaning to trick the eye, is essentially a 2-D painting or print that creates the illusion of being 3-D. This type of design has been more regularly seen in murals and wall panels rather than full wallcoverings, but for 2022 it’s taking over all four walls. That said, you can always think about how to wallpaper a feature wall if you want to make a single wall statement.

Choose a print which reflects the purpose of the room it’s covering, such as shelves of books in a home office, plants in a morning room, or an ocean inspired effect in a bathroom.

6. Fun in the cloakroom
Your cloakroom is often the only bathroom guests will see and it’s not somewhere anyone spends a huge amount of time, so take this opportunity to show off your style and push your boundaries while you’re at it.

‘Cloakrooms are ideal for embracing unique style and making a statement,’ says Rebecca Drury, Co-Founder, MissPrint. ‘Ensuring big impact in small spaces, colourful and patterned wallpaper is ideal, from bold geometric designs to large-scale botanical prints. Colour blocking will also come through as a bold way to inject some colour into a room or combining a mix of patterns and prints.’

7. mural
‘We’re seeing a resurgence of one of the oldest decorative treatments, the mural,’ says Melanie Adams, Global Manager of Wallpaper Direct. ‘These larger scale wallcoverings enable you to set the scene and effortlessly add character and personality to your space.’

‘Murals come in all shapes, sizes and themes from historical interpretations to contemporary wall art and with many designers incorporating into their wallpaper collections, are becoming much more accessible.’

8. Sporting style
Statement wallpapers are always very much on trend, but one of the newest variations on this is by introducing a bit of whimsy. Wallpapers depicting sports and country pursuits will be a popular choice over the next year. Bonus – you absolutely do not have to play or follow the sport to appreciate or use the designs.

‘With a spirit of individuality, sporting pursuit designs follow the 2022 wallpaper trend,’ says Ann Grafton, Managing and Creative Director, Mulberry Home.

9. Architectural inspiration
Instead of travelling, we’re bringing other cities into our homes for 2022. Last year, the look was very much far-flung, holiday-inspired tropical destinations, but now that the world’s opening up again, we’re looking towards busy, cosmopolitan regions. Choose a graphic interpretation of a skyline for a contemporary effect.

‘This wallpaper is an unapologetically personal paean to their favourite city,’ say the experts at Mini Moderns. Tropical Leaves Wallpaper Look closely at the abstract forms to discover two bridges, a couple of famous skyscrapers and an endless stream of traffic making its way uptown. The torn paper aesthetic lends an energy and immediacy to the design, capturing the vitality of the city.’

10. Bathroom wallpaper
Bathrooms are a wonderful place to add wallpaper for a fun hit of colour and print in a typically neutral and plain area.

Botanical Abstract Wallpaper are going to see a move away from cool greys and sleek whites in the bathroom towards warmer, bolder and more vibrant tones,’ says says Rebecca Drury, Co-Founder, MissPrint.

When choosing which of the bathroom wallpaper ideas you’re going to use, make sure to consider waterproof wallpaper if using over a bath or around a shower, but washable and wipeable should be enough if covering areas out of the splash zone.


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