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The red tones are old abrakam may consider retirementJohn Abraham’s career will continue, and suddenly doubt. The official website reporter reported that Arizona Red Tiwangwi Abuham was turned into the game in the game in San Diego lightning on Monday. After the game, the red tick immediately included him in the injury list and gave him 5 days to determine his future. ESPN said Abraham has even had symptoms of misseu.

Thomas has previously faced 49 people and the experience of superbweed for the Seattle Hawks. Currently, 9 wins and 2-losing crows can continue to prove that they are the best teams through defeat countries. Thomas’s team has already played the performance of the superbell team. They have won 7 games, and the net wins (184 points) ranks first, including defeating new England Patriots and Hawks. Convincing. victory.

The patriot of the first half has almost no pressure to Botels. The second half of the patriots add enough passage to Botels, even in the option attack, I will try to put pressure on Botels, cheap Jerseys so that he cannot tear defense as the first half. The effect of immediate appearance, the jackpost begins to start.

Now in the past two years, McCaki seems to be the fans of Philadelphia, recently Alonso release a photo related to New Dongjia Miami Dolphin on Instagram, McCoo “writes” Wandering Han ” . McCay’s message is telling Alonso to turn from this page.

The Sambi will find opportunities in other teams. Hunter still has excellent exercise. But the key is that he will transform a poor and unstable manifestation into performance in manufacturing a weekly game.

And 49 people have just gathered in the country of leader in Lianbei District leader. In fact, 49 people and crows have won at least 28 points before the winning rate before this competition, which is the first time, two teams have achieved such achievements before handing. Both teams are scored and prevented from ranking the top five in terms of alliances.

“You think 49 will enter the super bowl? It may be true, let us wait,” Thomas said. “We will play and make the best performance as much as possible. When the super bowl begins, no matter who our opponent is, they will have trouble.”

In fact, both have a good performance after interchangeably, McCoo completed 2162 yards in Bill, and Alonso had completed 15 games last season. After 115 games, 2 copies Data, now he has found a suitable mid-range guard position in dolphins.

When the appearance of the appearance, Hungt was completed 3 times when he was completed, and He Hunter was completed by 27 yards. This is obviously not enough to let a player who has completed 50 games in the past two seasons. Hunt’s performance is not enough to force the team. On the contrary, the team is impressed by Tajae Sharpe and the old Rishard Matthews for five-wheeled show.

Nike Patriots #87 Rob Gronkowski White Super Bowl LI 51 Men's Stitched NFL New Elite Gold JerseySteve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager of Puzzle, said: Abraham told us that he took time to consider his future. He has struggled in the alliance for many years, and he can assess it all. There will be results in the next few days.

However, what is the fact? The American tiger was punished by the ball, and the penalty code was not counted. The first attack was gone. Subsequently, Boters were killed, and the three-speed conversion of the Jagua Tiger was forced to kick.

Among them, it is the most striking in the Sunday competition, Bakevite’s embracing in the head of Antonio Brown (like a map, Brown has completed the ball and hugged). Although Brown only took a while, the tiger rookie security Wei Jessie-Bates was scared. The referee did not throw out the yellow flag.

The rock coach Bruce-Arians said that he talked to Abrawan, Abraham felt that his heart was no longer invested again. Arryns also denied that players misborne. If Abrakk is unable to return to the venue, this will be a great blow for the red scitch. There is currently no suitable candidate in the team, which can replace Abraham’s rushing contribution. Abraham has obtained the most 11.5 times of killing and 133.5 times in the season. As the first round show selected by the New York jet, Abraham is transferred to Atlantan Falcon after 6 years of efficacy, and 7 years later. Last season of career, the 5th selection of professional bowls.

You all love to discuss adjustments. But the battle is not as much as you think, and you don’t think that it is so effective. The tactical manual package Ronalvis, then the coach and coordinator reduce the amount of specific tactics based on the principle of the game. But even if you have 99% of routine tactics, you will always have 1% of special tactics to prepare for future needs.

The score is 14-3, the Jigi continues to control the right. The American tiger killed can’t stop. If this momentum is developed, the patriot is likely to go far (I will not say sure, because I have already eaten too much on the patriot).

Breddy Link Oman Dora, 23 yards pass the first attack to the midfield. Passing the impeccable attack, the four-year-old Han people understand the regional defense of the Jagua. Many times, the patriot is so unreasonable.

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