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The Videosign virtual meeting platform offers users the chance to combine the benefits of video conferencing with the convenience of remote online signing. It also includes holding a virtual meeting to meet securely with your clients.

Videosign takes virtual meetings to the next level with a selection of innovative features designed to offer heightened security and improved customer experience.

Our virtual meeting and document signing platform offer businesses market-leading security features, along with convenience and functionality to make the signing of contracts as efficient as possible for all parties.

Virtual meeting meets online signing

Regulatory changes in a wide variety of sectors in recent years have resulted in rapid growth in use of electronic signatures.

The Videosign virtual meeting platform offers users the chance to combine the benefits of video conferencing with the convenience of remote online signing.

Since 2019 we have offered a highly secure and user-friendly platform incorporating a flexible e-signing solution and virtual meeting facility.

Videosign means businesses can offer an approach to completing legally-binding contract signings that is more efficient and secure than meeting face-to-face.

The platform hosts your online meeting and offers the facility to upload documents for discussion and live signing, all recorded for future reference.

Sign with confidence, knowing that the identities of signatories have been verified using artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition using photo ID as a reference point.

The platform’s ability to verify meeting attendees using AI facial profiling means improved security and greater confidence that contracts and agreements can withstand legal challenges.

Evidence recorded and stored by Videosign can help to establish the facts and provide robust evidence in the event that any future dispute leads to legal action.

The platform records video and other evidence like IP addresses and timestamps when conducting virtual meetings and witnessing signatures of legal documents.

Using Videosign as your virtual meeting platform and signing solution means an end to switching between different software during document signings, meaning a more efficient and professional service to your clients.

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Videosign specialises in remote business tools, allowing professionals to verify their clients' identities, meet in a virtual face-to-face meeting room, and digitally collaborate on, sign and certify documentation; whilst recording robust and compliant video evidence.

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