VA – New Age Music And New Sounds (Vol.1-24) – 1996-1998, 320 Kbps \/\/FREE\\\\

VA – New Age Music And New Sounds (Vol.1-24) – 1996-1998, 320 Kbps \/\/FREE\\\\


VA – New Age Music And New Sounds (Vol.1-24) – 1996-1998, 320 Kbps

hi larry,
i use spotify on my computer and i really like it. i have just started to look at its equivalents as a phone or download device. mainly for my ipod (which is a bit old now).
the main things i have noticed on my android phone with spotify are:
– you can copy music from my computer and put it straight to my phone
– i cant drag music from the computer to the phone like i can with dropbox
– the ringer sounds different which means more music whilst i use it
– the sync is slightly different on the computer and the phone. the computer lists songs in order by album, but the phone doesnt. weird.
the spotify app on your phone will work with any spotify account, but on android you need to be logged in to your account if you want to start listening to a track. then just go to your phone and select the song you want to listen to. (it works the same on your computer, but not on ios)
– its not the same on ios as your on android (i think?)
when i switch it on on my phone, spotify starts playing music. the only thing i can see is it saying please wait. it just sits there and wont play my music.
any ideas if i am doing something wrong? i am unsure what i need to do.
thanks for any help.

hi larry
i will try and see what i can do. i can buy my spotify tokens locally on for the £12.49. i will check my account to see if i have any tokens. i am 99% sure this is all that is needed.
if i dont have any i will probably have to wait til i get home. i dont know when that is.
thanks for your help

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