Use sports-specific laundry detergent and baking soda.

Washing Your Cycling Clothes
Are you aware that cycling clothes should not be washed with your regular clothes? Your cycling clothes have high-performance technical fabrics that need a special washing method. More so, cycling clothes are an investment and one of the bike essentials that we should give much attention and care to ensure it gives the same performance and comfort during our ride.  You do not want to wear uncomfortable cycling clothes on your ride. Here are the simple guidelines for washing your cycling clothes.

Ready your cycling clothes for washing.

Make sure to zip up your cycling clothes and turn them inside out to avoid them from snagging each other. If there are hook-and-loop closures among your cycling clothes, place them in a zipper mesh bag. Its abrasive surface can damage the delicate synthetic fabrics of your cycling clothes.

Separate cycling clothes from regular ones.

Cycling clothes are the same as your delicate clothes. You should wash them separately from your regular clothes. Besides, it needs a different laundry detergent and washing method, the sublimated dyes can come out from the first wash, and you do not want to stain the other garments. Hence, separate your cycling clothes from the laundry you will hand to the laundry delivery.

Use cold water for washing cycling clothes.

Avoid the use of warm water on your cycling clothes. Although some promote warm water for clothes with heavy grime and soil, warm water can damage the fabrics of your cycling clothes. Do not forget to set your washer to cold water settings.

Use sports-specific laundry detergent and baking soda.

You must be cautious with the type of detergent you use for your cycling clothes. Strong chemical-based detergents can degrade fabric performance and easily wear out your cycling clothes. Moreover, do not use any laundry cleaners that contain fabric conditioners and softeners. If your concern is the odor-causing bacteria on your cycling clothes, you can pair baking soda with a mild detergent. It efficiently removes the bacteria without damaging the fabrics of your cycling clothes. Heavy stains on cycling clothes are unpreventable. It can have mud, grease stains, and salt. Be careful with the stain remover you use. Some stain removers contain bleach.

Air dry cycling clothes.

Throwing your cycling clothes in the dryer is unhealthy for their fabric materials. The heat from the dryer breaks down the synthetic fibers and reduces garment quality. It can even peel or fall off the reflective logos from your cycling clothes. Heat also has the potential to shrink its fabrics. Hence, if you go to a laundry service, do not put them in the dryer. Line dry or air dry them at home.

Wash Cycling Clothes ASAP

Wash your cycling clothes immediately after wears. Do not let it sit in the laundry hamper or pile with your regular clothes for a few days, it shortens the quality of the garment. Cycling clothes are essential to have a comfortable ride. If you make a mistake in washing your cycling clothes, they will not be the same quality again, and cycling clothes are quite expensive.

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