Untouchability Needs to be Vanished By KOMAL SINGH @LEXCLIQ


Untouchability Needs to be Vanished

If we see the definition of untouchability a somewhat narrow sense would include all instances in which a person was stigmatised as unclean or polluting or inferior because of its origin or membership in a particular group. Where he is subjected to invidious treatment because of difference in religion or membership of a lower caste or different caste.
The caste system in India involves ‘ rank and gradation‘, which makes the rights and privileges of the higher caste, becomes the disabilities of the lower caste particular the untouchables.
The manifestation of caste is based on the notion of purity which goes beyond the physical contact and is applied to a larger set of social norms. The notion of ‘purity and pollution’ are ideas that, despite the spread of Education and advent of modern lifestyle, tends to stick and prey on our religious and social insecurities .

Despite of Constitutional provision for prohibition of untouchability in Article 17, there are many states in India in rural and urban like UP, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan etc where untouchability still exist, which is one of saddest part in 21st Century to know.
This really affects people in complete way as Mental, Physical and Work related Career ways. The youth of our country suffers such discriminatory treatment in their day to day lives by upper caste and even when it comes to their Education they are neglected in rural and urbans. It does not dispair the innocent children which are being treated so neglected that as if its their fault they got birth in such family. Women’s are suffered in their daily basis activities being of lower caste and untouchables by upper caste women which treat badly when it comes to getting water from village Wells or getting household food ingredients as they are being given at last after everyone.
This is high time now that it should be stopped. For this we youth ana everyone being together have to take initiative for prohibition of untouchability from our country India, which is known for its brotherhood, humanity , respect and value for each other in everything. Even Government has to take initiative by creating awareness such as organising workshops, programmes, posters and educate peoples on “fair and equal treatment to all”.

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