Under The Dome Season 1 Complete (720p)

Under The Dome Season 1 Complete (720p)

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Under The Dome Season 1 Complete (720p)

The second episode sees everyone in Chester’s Mill divided into competing factions, one for the dome and one for the stars. Dale takes a child captive after her mother shoots her father. She becomes his accomplice in the death of the dome. Big Jim and Barbie’s new girlfriend then hatch a plan to return the missing pink stars.

In the finale, Junior locates a way for the dome to give people physical problems. The problem is that no one is willing to step up and risk hurting someone else to get their problem solved. Meanwhile, Big Jim’s young accomplices think they can gain control of the Dome.

That’s when the cutting is bad. We see some good shots of the crime scene, but then the camera cuts again, and the space is put in far too small. We see footage of the outer edge of the dome, but it’s not clear whether it’s a thick layer of dirt, or just a layer of dirt. They don’t have to tell us, but we need to see it. We need to know the thickness of the dirt, as well as the thickness of the dome wall. We need to know if it’s an actual wall or an image made by the dome.

There’s not enough of the dome or of the surrounding area to get an idea of what’s going on. We see two helicopters, but we don’t know if they’re for the rescue or the cops. We see police cruisers and an ambulance, but we don’t know if they’re the same police cars from last week’s episode. We don’t see the dome in the background, we just see a half-dome, with the other half being filled with dirt. We don’t even get a clear look at the creatures.

Norrie returns to report that Big Jim did in fact kill Barbie. To show his distaste, he throws Barbie’s skull into the trapdoor. Big Jim then wonders if the dome was that bad. He doesn’t seem to be worried, though, and heads off to sleep.




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