Ubuntu 13.0 Highly Compressed Rar File 4 UPDATED


Ubuntu 13.0 Highly Compressed Rar File 4

As the name suggests, highly compressed rar file is highly compressed. The archive files included in the highly compressed rar file are called volumes. The highly compressed rar file is created by taking the original archive and compressing it once again with RAR compression. The highly compressed rar file contains many smaller volumes and decompressed volume files. Each of these volumes is compressed with different compression ratio. Thus, we have multi-volume files in our highly compressed rar file.

When this highly compressed rar file is extracted, a directory named tao is created in the directory where the file is being extracted. The compressed data is stored in the tao.r00, tao.r01, tao.r02, etc., volume files are extracted. The data is then moved into the volume files .r00,.r01,.r02,.r03, etc.

$ sudo apt-get install unrar

Ubuntu 13.0 Highly Compressed Rar File 4

To unrar a file, use the unrar command. You will have to give it the filename and the file you want to extract. The command is used to extract a file.

$ unrar e archive.rar archiveFolder

Ubuntu 13.0 Highly Compressed Rar File 4

The et extract or xt extract a single file. The et extract the first file, xt extract the first file of the specified archive.

After installing rar and unrar on Ubuntu, the commands listed below may be made available to you with a simple right-click or by selecting them from the menus. Note that rar and unrar are preinstalled on Ubuntu unless you’ve used your way around apt-get or aptitude, which will make the commands available to you.


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How to Compress a ZIP or RAR Archive File.

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