India had its family planning policy in place before the first Lok Sabha was sworn in. Still, the government’s goal is anything but achieved. Assam has now decided to roll out its 2017 policy to bar people from government jobs if they have more than two children. It is important for a country like India to make a law of two children per couple.

state governments of Assam decided to bring the two-child policy in 2017 where it has been stated that if a family has more than two children after 2021, then the family will lose the opportunity of being employed in any government job and would be eliminated from contesting local body elections and panchayat elections. Efforts were made to bring in a population control bill even at the Central Government level.

A population control bill was tabled in Rajya Sabha and implemented the two-child policy all over the country. It was held that if someone has more than two kids, then they will not be employed in government jobs, will fail to receive all forms of government schemes, and some proposed that they should be stripped off of their voting rights as well. Is this a good process to control over-population?

Child Policy in India

In India, so far 12 states have introduced the two-child policy already.

They are:

  1. Rajasthan (1992)
  2. Odisha (1993)
  3. Haryana (1994)
  4. Andhra Pradesh (1994)
  5. Himachal Pradesh (2000)
  6. Madhya Pradesh (2000)
  7. Chhattisgarh (2000)
  8. Uttarakhand (2000)
  9. Maharashtra (2003)
  10. Gujarat (2005)
  11. Bihar (2007) and
  12. Assam (2017)

There was forced sterilization under the Indira Gandhi government. This means that people, especially the poor, were forced to get sterilized, and within a period of 2 years, almost 11 million people were sterilized. This was done with the idea that forced sterilization would lead to a reduction in population.

While in 2000, the fertility rate was as high as 3.3 for every woman, the number has declined to 2.1 children per woman. India’s economy has also grown to 6% per year, which is more than enough to support the population growth. The two-child policy also violates women’s rights  as it encourages abortion and infanticide of females. It also creates incentives for men to divorce their wives to run political office.  There is an underlying fear that restrictions on having children will lead to a shortage of literate young people that the country needs to carry on the technical revolution. Moreover, this will lead to a gender imbalance as there is a preference for boy child over girls.

The focus, however, was on convincing people to limit the size of their family. But in the backdrop of almost no modern healthcare facilities in small towns and villages, the family planning centres practically functioned as the family expansion centres with people approaching the health workers for assistance in child birth. However, in 2015, at Ranchi meet, the RSS passed a resolution calling for a two-child policy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Independence Day speech from the Red Fort emphasized the need for regulation of population growth.

In this pandemic time India got to  know the importance of population control because for the whole population its difficult to provide medical aid and controlling whole public and at present Govt. of various states have shortage of funds.

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