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Jan 30, 2016
Lower is better IBM ThinkPad T520 (T520LF) CPU is at 2.93Ghz and 2MB L3 Cache. Windows 10. 32bit. Nvidia GeForce 830M. HDD Hitachi HDAT33D0642S2K0TF. Windows 7 64bit. Intel Core i5-2537M (2.30/2.30GHz; 2.00/2.00GHz; 8MB L3 Cache; 667MHz FSB; Intel® HD Graphics 3000; Intel vPro Technology) RAM is at 8GB (which is fine for me).
Jun 4, 2014
The MSI 770 C-45 uses an Intel vPro Technology BIOS. Any way to unlock it? You can get a copy of it here:

and follow the steps from step 2 to 6 here:

To unlock your BIOS, connect your motherboard to your PC and open up MS-DOS. From the directory where you installed the BIOS Driver, run the following command:

Jul 16, 2014. As far as I can tell, the BIOS version I’m using is 2.22. A program written by a friend of mine calls ‘lock.vbs’ in here, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Here’s the relevant section:
Set Wsh = CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)
Wsh.Run “powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File “”c:\Files\dummy.vbs””””

Jul 18, 2014
Lastly, I also have a Windows 8 machine with this motherboard and it seems to be in the same state. I’m not sure if Windows 8 would matter in this case. I have tried to unlock the BIOS with the “unlockBIOS” application here: It loads, but it’s giving an error (see error 1 and 2 here). I am using my Windows 7 system for my development machine at the moment

In the current medical practice, body cavities can be illuminated and examined with a fiberoptic probe. A conventional fiberoptic probe consists of a bundle of fibers containing laser-illuminated bundles which allow the surgeon to observe the tissue structures within a body cavity. Such fiberoptic probes are disclosed in U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,279,264 and 4,386,716. The laser energy passed through the small diameter core of the probe is concentrated into large quantities of light at the distal end of the probe.
Since laser energy is passed through the fibers of the probe, a significant amount of laser energy is dissipated through the wall of the probe. The small diameter of the probe core provides very little solid surface upon which laser energy can be absorbed and dissipated. Further, the probes of the prior art usually are of a fixed diameter. The constant diameter of the probe thus limits the working diameter of the probe.
In addition, the prior art fiberoptic probes have extremely limited torque characteristics. In surgical practice, a surgeon may need to manipulate the probe through some difficult tissues. Since the probe consists of a bundle of fibers, such manipulation requires the individual fibers of the probe to be moved around and in the medical procedure, to greater and greater depths.
In a medical procedure, the fiberoptic probe of the prior art generally is inserted into the body cavity at one end of the probe while, at the other end of the probe, an exposed end of the fiberoptic probe generally is attached to an external light source which is placed on the skin of the patient. Such a configuration makes it necessary to align both the light source and the probe end in the patient’s body. Such positioning must be exact because, for the laser energy to reach the inner tissue layers, the entire fiberoptic probe must pass through the superficial soft tissue layers of the skin.Denis Robinson on representing Jamaican soccer

“This is a young country,” says the veteran Jamaican soccer player, who was captain of the Jamaican national team for nearly two decades. “We’re still trying to prove ourselves.”

Jamaican soccer players such as Robinson still have to fight for the recognition of their country. They are constantly denied a proper place on the world stage. They also have to deal with their own identity as well as that of their country of birth.

A 6’1” forward playing professionally in


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