Trazodone is Used for Insomnia

Even though there exist numerous natural solutions to combat insomnia millions of people use a range of over-the-counter and prescription drugs when they notice they’re suffering from insomnia. One of these prescription drugs is Trazodone.

Trazodone (or Trazodone hydrochloride) is the generic name used for the qualitest promethazine plain syrup Desire(r) which is an antidepressant that is often prescribed for major depression disorders. It is also employed to treat insomnia. However, the issue is that the two separated, and, though it’s one thing for Trazodone to treat a depressive disorder that is associated with insomnia, it’s different to prescribe the drug solely to treat insomnia as a whole.

Trazodone is a part of the treatment by blocking the reuptake, or serotonin. It is an organic chemical that is produced by our bodies and is essential in controlling sleeping patterns. Simply put, Trazodone increases the level of serotonin within the body, which functions as the body’s natural sleeping medication. On the surface, it’s completely natural to make use of a drug that boosts the body’s natural sleep aids to treat insomnia.

There is however a downside to the use of Trazodone and that’s the adverse consequences.

The side effects can be quite different between individuals. Next, however, generally, the most frequent negative effects of Trazodone include sleepiness (in this instance, a desirable adverse effect) headache, congestion constipation, stomach upset, anxiety, muscle pain blurred vision, sweating, and so on. Furthermore, in some males, it may trigger an uncomfortable and prolonged erection that may require urgent or surgical intervention and permanent damage caused by the procedure.

The list of adverse effects associated with the majority of drugs, which includes communal day-to-day garden drugs, is a bit long, but the reality is that the majority of people doesn’t experience any adverse negative effects, or do not suffer in any significant way. For instance, with Trazodone, however, this isn’t the case when it’s employed to treat insomnia.

For the majority of people, Trazodone performs well in the short-term, and certainly helps people fall asleep and to remain in bed all night long with, in particular more deep sleep. The next morning however that the adverse effects start to manifest.

In most cases, this means congestion of the nose, feeling of fatigue and fatigue (often described similar to an alcohol hangover) and at times there is a feeling of instability.

Sleeping disorders are a widespread issue that affects millions of people, both in the short-term, as occasional or transient insomnia and over the long term in the long-term as persistent insomnia. In the majority of cases, however, medications are only an immediate solution, and long-term use medications will always make things worse rather than improve.

If, after having tried the three drugs but you’re still experiencing issues the doctor and you may consider trying other qualitest cough syrup from the same family, such as temazepam. They are referred to as benzodiazepines. They all function the same way and induce the feeling of drowsiness. They differ in how fast they operate and how long the effects last.

The next step you take is likely to be costly. The expensive brand-name drugs will be your next choice. I would suggest beginning with Ambient. It’s very popular and is expected to be released in generic forms. The company is currently focused on the new formulation, which is called Ambient CR. They’re no longer marketing Ambient as the patent is set to expire shortly. It is believed that the Ambient CR is only an uncontrolled release version that is controlled. You can obtain the voucher for a trial test at

In the end, you’ll have several options but each is expensive. You can try Sonata or Lunette. A free trial of four days for Sonata is available on and a no-cost trial of four days for Lunette is available on

Brand new sleep aid is known as Roemer. To simplify the science, it tricked your body into thinking that it is a good source of the hormone melatonin. This is a brand-new class of drugs. They’re quite costly at around $7.00 per pill.

The majority of people are unaware of the effectiveness of cheap generic drugs since they don’t see them on the news or listen to them on the radio. The established medications have proven effective for many years and there’s no reason to start your treatment with costly prescription medications.

The sleep aids I recommend are similar to the other recommendations starting with the over-the-counter and inexpensive. Start with easy, reliable cheap remedies, and then gradually increase the price. The newest, brand-name medications are extensively advertised and are well-known to the general population. This marketing and brand acceptance makes them expensive.


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