TopSales Basic 7.50 Crack Torrent (Updated 2022)







TopSales Basic [Mac/Win] (2022)

Send professional daily sales alerts with automatic email replies

Provides an integrated text editor that you can use for one-off or recurring messages

Get automated sales emails and text replies for a broad range of sales opportunities or customer accounts

Use the built in ‘Template Builder’ feature to design customized sales emails

Easily integrate and synchronize data from your customer database

Send an automated reminder to a selected customer for an order or an appointment

Keep track of vendor prices by saving your customer’s history

Customize product prices for different sales and quotes

Quickly access your customer and vendor databases using customized views

Keep track of vendors using the integrated customer portal

Make quick decisions with the ‘Customer Quotations’ tool

Keep track of sales orders and contracts using the ‘Sales Summary’

View real time inventory status

View and change orders with one click access to your customer and vendor databases

System Requirements:

Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher

You can save time and improve your business with the TopSales Basic application. Aside from being an innovative client database application, you can use it to improve communication with your clients, easily track vendors and even analyze your sales.
When you can’t find the answer to your customer issues, TopSales Basic makes the process of gathering all the information you need and sharing it with your clients easy and efficient. It’s really something you can benefit from and you’ll be glad that you did once you start to see the difference that it makes to your business.

TopSales Basic – Less Features

You can also use TopSales Basic to keep track of which accounts get the most attention in your business. For example, you can set the application to send one email to the account supervisor if a client fails to respond to your sales email or it can send one to the sales department.
Other common applications have a variety of useful features that can’t be missed. This makes it easier to learn and remember while you can quickly get started using topSales Basic.

TopSales Basic – More Features

With TopSales Basic you can send text messages and keep them organized. It can help you get information across to your customers or inform your sales department of your company’s policies. You can use this tool to manage the sales floor to make sure that every order is completed efficiently and quickly.
An important feature that can really help your business if you use

TopSales Basic Full Version

TopSales Basic Crack Keygen is an application that you can help you save valuable time and improve your business by providing you with the means to automate sales and create a detailed client database.
From the time you run TopSales Basic for the first time, you notice that this is an application that focuses on efficiency. It displays a straightforward interface that grants you fast and easy access to all its main functions and features. No matter what your computer skills are you can certainly use this application to it’s full effect.
The first thing TopSales Basic focuses on is helping you create a detailed and well structured database about your clients and the companies they represent. In this sense, the application enables you to create contact profiles that are based on name, company name, activity and other filters. Needless to say, for every person that appears in your database you can add details about their address, company, email and all kinds of relevant information that can help you get to know your client and keep track of their business related behaviour.
Another strongpoint for TopSales Basic is its email broadcasting capabilities. This enables you to send large numbers of emails in batch, without having them sound like they are being sent by a robot. Using the integrated text editor you are able to add custom tags that automatically insert client information from your database and makes the emails sound more personal which can no doubt have its advantages.
Along with the previously mentioned features, you also get to view customer account activity, sales analysis, customer quotations, sales orders, vendor price history, inventory balance and a wide range of product, vendor, sales and bank reports.
With the above to consider and a lot more to discover, TopSales Basic is an invaluable tool that if studied extensively can definitely provide you with the tools to improve your business as well as your relationship with clients.
TopSales Basic Special Features:
• TopSales Basic will automatically build you an Excel file based on its database and the business you have entered into it. You then have the option to clean the file up, change names, titles, dates or make any other changes to it.
• TopSales Basic is also super easy to use for beginners. Just follow the on-screen instructions and the application will walk you through each and every aspect, step-by-step.
• You are given a free domain name and you can use that to check your databases even when you are offline.
• Additionally, you can use the number of your personal domain name to get unlimited access to all of your databases even when you are

TopSales Basic Crack+ Free

TopSales Basic is a sales force automation package that provides all of the functions necessary to manage a sales and marketing effort. The application is designed for small to medium sized businesses who need to track company sales data in a simple manner.
Once you start the application you will notice that it displays a straightforward interface that enables you to quickly create a database of contacts as well as view account activity.
The application also provides email broadcasting capabilities, which enables you to send large numbers of emails in bulk without each email sounding like it was sent by a robot.
TopSales Basic provides the functions to track prices for all kinds of vendors with an integrated inquiry tool. You will also be able to create quotes and view your sales order history.
Features Include:
Form customization
Add/edit/delete your contacts
Create and manage active customers
Create and manage vendor contacts
Manage company contacts
Create and manage accounts
Create customer and vendor quotes
Create product-related sales reports
Create vendor price history and manage inventory
View account activity
Email broadcast capabilities
Industry specific reports
Customer management
Internet based internet access
View company and vendor contact lists
Sales History, Analysis and Online Quotes
The best feature of the program is you can use each of the three main components separately or they can be used together if required. Now it doesn’t matter if you want to manage just one contact or the whole company, you can do so using this software.
The software is very easy to use and you can do whatever you want with it. TopSales Basic makes it very easy to handle and do everything you need it to do. The best thing about this program is that it is very customizable and you can use it in a number of ways to suit your needs.
If you are looking for a strong sales automation software that can help you to build your career, then TopSales Basic is the product for you.

Kira is a cutting edge ecommerce software that is designed to help online shops thrive. The software gives the business owner, the salesperson and the staff everything they need to increase their sales, manage orders and improve customer service. With this powerful software anyone can quickly and easily manage order data, send and receive emails, create and manage inventory, add items to the cart, manage deliveries and much more. The program’s powerful features can ensure a successful online shop in no time and give the business owner everything they need to manage their business and be successful.
Kira has many innovative features. First of

What’s New in the?

• Contact profile builder and emailer
• Saves contacts as JSON, CSV, EML
• Template builder
• Customer Management & Sales Analysis
• Sales Order and Quotation
• Vendor Price History, Inventory and Billing
• Tax, Sales, Bank and Cash Reports
• Multilingual
• Able to save contacts as Name, Company, Email, Company, Phone
• Export as HTML, Excel, XML, CSV
• Purely client centric and can be
deployed with a click
• Quick to download
• Perfect for CRM, contact management and invoicing
• Zero code means no hassle to upgrade / change
• Single click deployment
• Auto coded correctly for the latest J2EE
• Supports SaaS and online deployment (starting from $3.00/ month)*
TopSales Basic Screenshot

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System Requirements For TopSales Basic:

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 Pro
Processor: Intel Core i5-4690, Intel Core i7-4790, Intel Core i5-3550, Intel Core i7-3770, AMD FX-8350
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7950
Drivers: NVIDIRA-295.42 or AMD-AMDGPU-PRODUCTION-295.41

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