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Free player CJ Spipil visit Green Bay packagingGreen Bay packaging is still looking for talent running guards, according to ESPN reporters, free running guards CJ Spiller recently visited Green Bay.

Although Gore May is 36 years old, he does not lose to young people in recent years. In the 2018 season, he was on 14 games in the dolphins, 156 times, and pushed 722 yards. Bill is $ 75 million in space to use, and there is no problem with Gore. But they can actually replenish the run from the draft.

Patriot four points Buffton: new crown pneumonia makes yourself can’t keep up with attack group progressCam Newton opened a good job in the career of the New England Patriots until he was diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia in the fourth week.

Section IV Dallas is controlled in the location of the first code line. At that time, they took 13 to 24 to Minnesota Viking, Dosttet stood behind the offensive line, and Quan Wei Luo-Sburis did not Understanding tactics is to run, so he will fight in the scene, so there are only 10 people opposite the opposite side.

According to cheap nfl jerseys NetWork reporter Tom Pelissero, Patriots traded from the raid to CORDARRELE PATTERSON, Patterson is currently waiting for. The raid people also sent a 6-round sign, and the patriot was also 5 rounds.

After breakthrough performance in the 2013 season, Smith played a professional bowl level in two months last season, but subsequently reimbursed in November. This length of the crow means that Smith has recovered well after surgery. John Harbaugh – January said Smith will be able to participate in the Fame training in May.

In the future, Smith will stay in the team in the past few years and picking the line guards CJ Mosley (CJ Mosley), defensive end Timmy and defensive tip-winged Brandon – After the Brandon Williams, these defensive groups, General Manager Oxi – Newsome successfully lost future celebrity players Ray, Ray Lewis and Ed Rod (ED) Reed after rebuilding the defensive group.

But lack of a team member who protects his own is nothing, he is looking for the online hole after receiving the four points of Danny White, hitting two to yourself. Catch, avoid the blocked, then fly the 99 yard to complete the reachable, and this scene is recorded for the highest sports record ever has history. Unfortunately, Dallas and Dost did not win the victory of the game after this long-distance attack, and finally they lost their games at 27-131.

The last time from the raid to the patriot’s external hand named Landy Moss, he produced a good chemical reaction with the patriot. Although Patterson has a lot of differences, his far-reaching threat is worth looking forward to.

The team announced that Jimmy Smith has orally agreed to renew. NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that this contract was 48 million US dollars in 48 million, with $ 21 million security income. Smith in the first round of the first round of 2011 will earn $ 68.99 million in the last year of our own rookie contract.

Bill will be with Run Frank Gore for a year Beijing March 12 reports According to media reports such as ESPN, NFL NetWork, Bill will sign with the old will run to Frank Gore for one year, and the contract salary of 2 million US dollars. At present, Bill team has two runners of Lesean McCoy and Chris Ivory, and the three have exceeded 30.

Newton absents the team’s match in the Chief of Kansas City, but after the sixth week returns, he is bad. Recently, he and the performance of the patriots have improved, but Newton admitted to the new crown after interview on Thursday, he felt “stagnation”, because he could not participate in training and play, behind the team progress.

Currently, the packageman’s Eddie Lacy and James Starks are not good in the field, especially in the pass attack, although Spister is not a reliable run. Wei, but he has a good performance in the ball, and his career has completed 192 battles in 83 games.

After being encountered after four losses, the patriot has gone two consecutive victories. In the competition of the New York jet and Baltimore Crow, Newton’s performance has rebounded, and it is 4 times to reach, and the most important thing is that there is no mistake to hand over the ball. In the previous three losses, Newton only took 2 times, but there were 6 mistakes to hand over the ball.

“No, nothing to do with the virus,” Newton said. “The fact is that I can’t do it in that time. I have not been able to participate in the team event and the results show this. When I returned, I know that this offensive group is constantly evolving, but I am almost what do not know.”

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