To Resolve the QuickBooks Restore Failed Error, Try These Guidelines.

QuickBooks users occasionally run into several problems that can be fixed by making a backup. What if there are issues with backing up the company file? Users may frequently experience a QuickBooks Restore failed error while restoring the corporate file backup. This error could arise if the company file’s name contains unusual characters. The following error message shows when the issue happens:


“Error: Failed or QuickBooks Restore failed error while restoring the Backup of the QuickBooks data file”. 

There are other possible causes for the QuickBooks backup issue, though. Therefore, we’ve discussed each of these topics in detail in the next portion of this article. The straightforward workarounds for this error have also been described here.

Causes of QuickBooks’ Failure to Restore Backup

Users may get a QuickBooks Restore failed error for a number of reasons. Look below for a detailed discussion of each of these issues:

  • This error may occur if the file you are attempting to restore is not a genuine backup file.
  • It can occasionally happen when attempting to create a backup from an earlier version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • It can happen if your company file name contains any unusual characters, like (/ >! $).

Solutions That Work To Fix The QuickBooks Backup Failed Error

Now, let’s get to the blog’s most crucial section: the troubleshooting of the QuickBooks restore failed error. Try some of the straightforward troubleshooting techniques so you can quickly resolve the error.

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1 Option: Remove any special characters from your company file.

  • To begin with, you must find the location of your company file.
  • Then, from the expanded list of options, right-click on the company file and select Rename.
  • Give your company file a new name now, avoiding any special characters like (/ >! $). Press the Enter key later.

2 Option:: When restoring the backup, avoid overwriting any existing files.

  • Navigate to your usual saving location when the box asking where you want to save your file appears.
  • If the file’s name is the same as another in this folder, a warning will appear: “The filename is legitimate. Would you like to change this file?”
  • Select “No.”


Create a new folder on your computer to store the company file backup as a third option.

  • First, right-click on your computer’s desktop and select the folder from the New drop-down menu by tapping on it.
  • The backup file should be copied and pasted into the new folder.
  • Launch QuickBooks now, then when browsing choose Backup of the Company File from the newly generated folder on the desktop.

Seeking Any Additional Assistance!!

We can tell you that dealing with QuickBooks Restore Failed Error is simple thanks to our post. To restore the data file backup, you can use the same or most recent version of QuickBooks. But if the error persists, speak with one of our experts. You can reach out to our specialists at any moment using 1.855.738.0359

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