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Gronoski said in an interview: “When I joined the patriot on the first day, this club chopped the importance of my return. I would like to thank the boss of Clavite and the patriot to my teachings. They let me know how to understand Grateful importance. “

In fact, the speed of Ryan is already famous when Ohio State University, but now he needs to combine his speed up to the skill skill. You have to know that he has absent from 11 in the past two seasons. .

After the patriots effective for 9 years, after winning the super bowl 3 times, Gronoski announced its retirement in 2019. One year later, he chose to come out, and followed the footsteps of the old friend Tom Brady to join the pirate together, and ranked together. In March this year, Gronoski re-signed a year contract with pirates, salary of 10 million US dollars.

Ryan Shaz relies on the speed of Antonio – Brown
Pittsburgh steel man’s wire guards, Ryan Shazier, height is 6 feet high, with a weight 230 pounds, but the huge body does not affect his speed, he puts 40 yards 4.40 at the 2014 draft selection conference. The data of seconds, the subsequent occupation day, runs out of 4.36 seconds.

Oman Dora receives a salary and recombinant with patriots
According to cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporters, the new England Patriots take over Danny Amendola has accepted the sales-saving requirements proposed by the team and the restructuring contract is agreed. The 29-year-old external connections will be re-signed with the team for a period of 3 years, a new contract worth 12.75 million US dollars.

Kittel hurts left knees in last week, absent all training this week. He will stay in the Bay Area on the weekend to continue to recover, then return to the team, prepare the third week of the giant game.

Falcon taken Hurio-Jones hopes to return to the stadium this season
For the star outside Hulio Jones, Julio Jones, this season is obviously not smooth. The Atlantian big hunt has been taken by 4 games due to injury, and the leg sculgage affects his play.

Salunan said: “If you are anyone else, we will announce that he can’t play. But for George, this is based on the experience of the past three years. If it is the home game, we will wait two days. But due to Today, we must fly away, we can only decide early. “

After seeing the ram offensive group, only the total of 185 yards were promoted, the fans should suspect the team before the end of the game. “From the first day, I said to the fans, & lsquo; patient, this is a young team, & rsquo;” Dickson said. “But you can’t deceive people. They have been saying this in the past four or five years … but you have to stay in the team. You have to have leaders in the team, there are some old people.”

Relevant persons said that Oman Dora originally chooses to leave the team to enter the free market, but it is more preferred for a team that can maintain stable winning rate for a long time than to take longer. In the 2013 season, Oman Dora and Patriot signed a contract for a period of 2.8.5 million, and he will get 4 million basic wages next season, causing a 50,000-meter impact on the salary cap.

In fact, in December, after the Saint New Orleans, Jones accepted a high-concentration platelet plasma injection treatment, which was to accelerate the recovery process of the leg. At the same time, this also strongly means that Jones hopes to return to the venue this season.

In the last two games in the season, the Falcon will face the pirates of Kansas City Chief and Tampawan. Although the team has no playoffs, and in addition to Morris may need to win to ensure that they are expected to become the team’s official coach, the falcon has no goals, and Jones still hopes to play play.

In the 2014 season, Oman Dora was still troubled by injuries. During the regular season, he only completed 27 battles and won 200 yards. After entering the playoffs, Oman Dora gradually found a state, and he completed 5 battles in the super bowl, and the 48 yard was accompanied by a governor, which is one of the people who wins. If you can stay healthy, he will play a more important role in the offensive system of the patriot.

Currently, the ram is not called. In the defensive group, the ram lost many major players and did not upgrade in the offensive group. Hey, the ram put the team in the future, in exchange for a quarter, but they can’t let him play in the first week.

The ram is in the name of the ram: the performance of the ram in the night game is embarrassing
The ram will welcome the first home competition in Los Angeles since December 24, 1994. The last Ranger held NFL regular season in Los Angeles. It is already a matter of 7939 days.

“This city is very happy. You know, it is important in Los Angeles to win the ball,” this celebrity running Guard said. “This is the most important thing & mdash; & mdash; you have to win in this city. Their performances in the city are embarrassed. As a football team, they have to revitalize drum.”


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