The allocation of three Airbus A320neo to Brussels Airlines has been approved by the boards of directors of SN Airholding and the Lufthansa Group Executive Board today. With these brand-new cutting-edge aircraft, Belgium’s national airline takes a crucial step toward further modernising its fleet and, as a result, dramatically reduces CO2 and noise emissions on its medium-haul network and you can find cheap flights from London to Brussels and some other popular destinations. For the first time ever in its history, Brussels Airlines will gradually introduce brand-new aeroplanes that have just arrived from the factory.

We must continue down the path of further updating our fleet since we are a responsible airline with aspirational sustainability goals. For the first time in our 19-year history, we are able to replace ageing A319 Airbus models with three more contemporary and fuel-efficient aircraft that will depart the Airbus factory by summer 2023, all thanks to our mother company Lufthansa. The three A320neo aircraft will provide a 50% decrease in noise contour and an 11% reduction in fuel use and CO2 emissions each flight when compared to our A319 aircraft. The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per seat are reduced by 30% on this ultra-modern Airbus due to its increased seating capacity.

It goes without saying that we are very excited to add the Airbus A320neo to our fleet. The Airbus A320neo’s cutting-edge General Electric CFM engines are recognised for their high fuel economy and low noise levels. Additionally, the three new aircraft will help us move closer to our goal of having a fully synchronised A320 medium-haul fleet of just aircraft, which will lessen the complexity of both our maintenance & engineering efforts and the entire operation. The crews can fly the new aircraft after only a brief period of familiarisation thanks to the high degree of resemblance with the existing fleet, which makes the integration seamless.

The need for the Lufthansa Group carriers to continue working toward the group’s sustainability aim of reducing its CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 compared to 2019 and to become CO2-neutral by 2050 is highlighted by the current crisis’ investment in new aircraft.

The Airbus A320neo uses 11% less fuel on average and cuts noise emissions by 50% when compared to the soon-to-be phased-out A319 aircraft. The amount of gasoline used per seat is reduced by 30% as a result of the greatly increased seating capacity (+27%). The new model uses 16% less gasoline for the same number of seats than an A320ceo (the current engine option), which lowers CO2 emissions by 16%.

Currently, Brussels Airlines has a total of 38 aircraft in its fleet, including 30 medium-haul aircraft and eight long-haul Airbus A330s (16 A320 and 14 A319).

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