They happened on the streets of Manchester and yet we have

A man is pulled at the gate of the Chinese consulate after a demonstration against China"s President Xi Jinping, in Manchester, Britain October 16, 2022.
One of China’s most senior UK diplomats was involved in violence against protesters at the Manchester consulate on Sunday, a British MP says. “What we saw was the Chinese consul-general then ripping down posters and peaceful protest,” Alicia Kearns told MPs in the House of Commons. MPs in Parliament have privilege, allowing them to speak freely without fear of legal action. China has not commented on Zheng Xiyuan’s alleged involvement. But the foreign ministry in Beijing defended the actions of consulate staff. Spokesman Wang Wenbin said people had “illegally entered” the grounds and any country’s diplomats would have taken “necessary measures” to protect their premises. In a tweet, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said: “I’ve ordered the summoning of the Chinese chargé d’affaires to demand an explanation for the shocking scenes outside the Chinese consulate-general in Manchester on Sunday. “Peaceful protest is a fundamental right in Great Britain and the Chinese government must respect that.” The UK said that a meeting was held with China’s chargé d’affaires – the ambassador’s deputy – Yang Xiaoguang, where it was reiterated that all diplomats and consular staff based in the UK must respect the UK’s laws and regulations. The official Chinese version of what happened is at odds with video footage and statements from police. Officers had to drag back a protester from inside the consulate gate as he was being attacked. Earlier, Ms Kearns told MPs that after Consul-General Zheng Xiyuan ripped down the placards, there was “grievous bodily harm against a Hongkonger, one of whom was hospitalised for taking part in a peaceful protest. “Some were then dragged onto consulate territory for a further beating by officials who have been recognised to be members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). “We cannot allow the CCP to import their beating of protesters, their silencing of free speech and their failure to allow time and time again protests on British soil. This is a chilling escalation.” According to a statement by the Greater Manchester Police, around 30 to 40 people had gathered outside the consulate to protest. “Shortly before 4pm a small group of men came out of the building and a man was dragged into the consulate grounds and assaulted,” the statement said. “Due to our fears for the safety of the man, officers intervened and removed the victim from the consulate grounds.” The consulate is UK territory, but cannot be entered without consent. Another MP, Labour’s Afzal Khan – who represents the constituency where the consulate is, Manchester Gorton – told the House of Commons he was “sickened” by the scenes. “The UK stands for freedom, the rule of law, and democracy,” said the Labour MP. “The quashing of peaceful protests will never be tolerated on British soil.” Mr Khan and other MPs called for the consul-general to be declared a “persona non grata” – meaning a person who is unwelcome in the country. As a diplomat, the consul-general has diplomatic immunity, meaning he is theory protected from prosecution. Declaring someone “persona non grata” can remove diplomatic status and potentially result in expulsion. Conservative MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith asked if the government would “be prepared to expel the consul-general and any of those that are found to have been part of that punishment beating and the vandalism?” Some MPs called for the Foreign Office to go further, including Labour’s Andrew Gwynne who said: “Had these incidents happened on the streets of Hong Kong, there would have been outrage from the British government, rightly so.–1e–4e–1e “They happened on the streets of Manchester and yet we have this situation where the minister is basically sending a memo to the Chinese embassy, an offer of a cup of tea and a chat with the ambassador.”

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