Theft Why its Increasing Speediously BY KOMAL SINGH @LEXCLIQ


Theft why its increasing speediously

Theft is defined under our Indian Penal Code in section 378 as any person intending to take any movable property without honesty , out of the possession of any person without that individual’s consent , moves that property in order to such taking is said to commit theft. Theft has been dealt in IPC from section 378 to 382. It is an offence in eyes of law whoever commits it. The punishment of theft is in section 379.
If we see the punishment of offence theft is stated that if anyone commits it will be punishable for either a term which can be extended till three years or either fine or both.
If we see the essential ingredients of theft:
●There should be dishonest intention of individual to take property
●The property be taken away has to be movable.
●It must be taken away by the owner
●There has to be possession of the property by someone.
●Such a property has to be taken away by the individual without the consent.

These all were the ingredients which should be there for a theft to be considered as Offence to be punishable. But what are main causes for theft, there are many reasons for theft to be done and its increasing rate.
Due to individual find it easy and quick method for gaining benefits such as of property, money for which he is does not needs to work harder, quick means to earn money so people adopt it. Even sometimes the bad situations in home and family such as poverty induces individual to do theft to improve their living Standards. Also one reason is when children of rich families show offs their wealth and luxury it creates inferiority and lust to get those items and luxury in quick means in mind of children youth living in slums which again brings them on path of theft , Even the surrounding affects I which one be, If sitting and meeting is with people who are involved in theft, robbery, criminal activities then it brings into a person to do so for their good standard of living without doing to work in honesty and harder , Also main reason which is nowadays making people to do theft is prices of food and essential ingredients have gone Up due to inflation which poor people and individual having low income are unable to afford it results in doing theft for their living. This is simply the reasons why theft is increasing so speediously!

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