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Falcon announced before the Kansas City Chief Defense Coordinator Bob Sutton will join the team as a senior assistant coach. He will assist Kilin in the competition strategy, time management, suspend use and playback review.

In the consultations before two weeks ago, the distribution scheme proposed by the team boss did not receive the player. However, the Alliance contacted the players earlier this week. Both sides attempt plan to plan a formal consultation in the future.

Lead 49 people walked out of these players to the team’s shadows that were very important for new coach Kel-Salunhan (Kyle Shanahan). But if he needs a bodyguard, it seems that Willis is competing for this role.

Perhaps the last dolphin still needs your own replacement of the four-point Swan Mott Moore to complete the game of the playoffs, since the replacement of Tam Hill, Moore completed 58.5% of the ball hit rate, advanced 516 yards, 6 Deta, 2 times.

Norton chooses to focus on the moment, he told reporters: “I am still alive. The motivation to continue to move forward is that I can still live. I can see my family is very important to me & hellip; & hellip; I know you can’t play back & hellip; & hellip; Reality is annexing me. But I am already very grateful. If I have the opportunity, I want to host blood donation activities. “

The current labor agreement will expire in March 2021. At present, the team owners and players will wish to complete the negotiations during this season. The team boss hopes to reach a consistency, then you can put the center of gravity into the negotiation of the transfer, and the player hopes to sign the new agreement so they can choose new leaders in March next year.

Willis said that it is more slim than the player’s era. “I don’t know what, but I am very strong, do you know? It’s as if I have become strong again,” Willis said. “I don’t know if I feel slim, it seems like a good oil machine, but I feel very good.”

Dolphin car accident injured player Norton: Survive is very gratefulBeijing July 12, in the serious car accident last week, Dolphin defending the Dark Norton, due to the critical situation, the left arms left arms. This also announced the end of his career.

Informed people said that the team owners did not reach a consistent position at the team boss conference that was held in the front. Some team bosses are willing to meet the requirements of more high income of players in order to increase the routine stadium. Some team bosses prefer to maintain the proportion of their original income distribution.

The former Oregon University four-defense is in the election, and now he will go to Canada to try to extend his career. Previously he participated in Seattle Hawks and Washington’s red-skinned trials but did not successfully stay.

Although Adams believes that he is a second good quarter of the draft, he is not surprised by himself. “I am not surprised that I will fall,” Adams said. “I know that everyone talks about me, so I am not surprised.”

Informed people said that a major key issue in consultations is the cost of a new court in Los Angeles ram and Los Angeles lightning. The initial cost of the new stadium is expected to be $ 2.5 billion, but now more than $ 5 billion. The team boss thus tried to ensure that they can use the alliance income to compensate for the stadium construction cost (for but not limited to Los Angeles Stadium).

In addition, 17 conventional programs are still only in prototype, both parties have not discussed any details for the program. Therefore, even if both parties agree to the regular reaches, they still need to implement further discussion.

Just because the CFL does not mean that his NFL dreams will be shattered. Numeral well-known players have successful careers in the CFL, followed by NFL, and for Adams, many people in these players are quadruple.

The NFL player will be willing to discuss with the team boss to increase the regular season to 17According to informed people, Cheap nfl jerseys From china players have shown that they are willing to discuss the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincreasing regular competitions to 17 when discussing the new labor agreement, premise is that the discussion of the new agreement is a significant increase in the distribution of the players on the income of the league.

In the consultations in two weeks ago, the team boss submitted two different solutions. In two scenarios, the players are more divided into relatively less divided but restricting the team to incorporate alliance revenue for stadium capacity. However, in the proportion of income distribution in the two programs did not reach the extent to which the player is willing to increase the routine stadium.

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