The way he’s acted since and the way he’s coming across on social media

IBF, WBO, WBC junior welterweight champion Josh Taylor believes Jack Catterall is coming off as a desperate fighter.

They collided back in February in Glasgow, with Taylor winning a controversial twelve round split decision.

Taylor was dropped in the eighth round and fully admits that his performance was lackluster.

Since then, Catterall has been extremely vocal about getting a rematch and he’s continuously gone after Taylor on social media.

Taylor initially planned to vacate his titles and make an immediate move to the welterweight division.

However, he now intends to remain at 140-pounds to set the record straight with Catterall.

Before that rematch can happen, Taylor must satisfy a mandatory defense against the WBC’s top man, Jose Zepeda.

After Zepeda, Taylor makes it clear that he’s very eager to “shut the mouth” of Catterall.

“He’s coming across a little bit desperate,” Taylor told Sky Sports. “I can understand where he comes from, he felt like he won the fight, I’d be disappointed as well.

“But I wouldn’t be moaning and groaning the way he’s going on and on, it’s just ridiculous. I can understand how he’s feeling, he felt like he won the fight, I felt like I did just enough to win the fight so it was a close fight, it could have gone either way, the judges gave it to me. The way he’s acted since and the way he’s coming across on social media makes me want to shut him up. It’s one of the main reasons I stayed at 140 so I could get that fight.

“We’re doing everything we can in our power to make this fight happen alongside the Zepeda fight as well. If not after the Zepeda fight then next. This time around the motivation is there which I never had the last time, the motivation is there because of everything that has happened since the fight. Hopefully the sooner the better for me. The only reason I’m staying at the weight is to fight Catterall.”

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