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In fact, the disclosure of the stadium is usually used to the Siki, and when he is still a rookie in 2010, he gave Brown’s four-point Wei Jack-Delhummme, and was punished for $ 7,500. In the next season, he pulled down and pushed the tiger quarter-point Wei Di-Dalton was punished for $ 20,000.

In the rookie season, Montgomery’s weight reached 224 pounds (about 102 kg), and now he minimizes the weight to 218 pounds (approximately 99 kg). He is doing this by more disciplined diet, he quits some favorite food, including red meat, Swiss cheese, dried meat and donuts.

Howard is also 26 years old, after being abandoned by Dolphin in November last year, he re-joined the eagle. After being traded by a bear in 2019, Huo Havead played 10 games, and the shock pushed 525 yards, reached 6 times. He will compete with Miles Sanders and Boston Scott.

This is also the second front Vikan defensive player signed by the eagle this year, and the previous is safe Wei, Anthony, Harris (Anthony Harris). The defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon has worked in the Weijing Coach Group during 2014-2017, and Wilson has been in contact with Wilson.

The injury led to Jeffrey last season of 7 games, he got 807 yards in the last season, and he had a total number of battles for two consecutive seasons for two consecutive seasons. Jeffrey’s role is obvious. According to ESPN statistics, the bear team an average of 6.0 yards in Jeffrey, and each offense is advanced by 4.8 yards after he leaves.

Johnson was 35 years old, although the biscato tendon was torn in the 2016 season, but the performance of 15 games last season can prove that he is still not old. In the 2017 season, Johnson completed 71 cockroaches, 7 times destroyed. He will bring significant improvements to the coverage of the radar second line.

“I definitely feel that this is what I pay attention to this year, make sure I focus on maintaining the body, make sure I have a correct thing and can lose some weight, can move better, because I can’t get it last year I know that I can move, “Montgomery said.

Golden has been progressing since the 2018 season, and this year is exceptionally excellent. He completed 86 battles, promoted 1333 yards, reached 9 times, the current Gordin ball promoted the number of code rankings, I originally hoped to select a professional bowl.

The raid man signed the original line of the original EmiratesAccording to NFL NetWork reporters, Mike Silver reported that the mission of Derrick Johnson has reached an agreement with the raid. Johnson will be a victorious enemy in the same district.

Pace is impossible to let your best offensive weapons. When healthy and the state is good, Jeffrey is a player who can change the game, and can force the opponent’s defense group to constantly replace his players.

After changing the diet, Montgomery will be slim in the new season, faster. Last season, he took 889 yards last season, and the average of each shock was only advanced 3.7 yards. Now, he may have a faster pace.

On the morning of August 23, Beijing time, the big defense line of the Detroit Lion Team once again because of the sanctuary of the Jacksonville, the rude impact of the Jacksonville America Tiger – Hanna Throw yellow flag.

Nfl Jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Bear team gave Jeffrey non-exclusive privileges label. This means that Jeffrey can negotiate with other teams, and the bear team can match any offer, if Jeffrey leaves, his new team needs to send two first round of draft as an exchange.

Ryan Pace, Ryan PACE, last week, said that he is “radical” and Jeffri negotiations. When the deadline for the player label this Tuesday is coming, the bear team will use the label to fight for a long time to win a long time. The amount of privileged labeling contracts outside 2016 is $ 14.999 million.

Chicago bear pairs Eli Jeffee use privileged player labelExternal hands Alshon Jeffery will never leave Chicago in this year’s break. The bear team has confirmed this on Monday to announce that they will use the privileged player label.

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