The Supreme Court states that it cannot grant extension for loan moratorium in COVID-19 second wave by Sini @LexCliq

[COVID-19] Plea in Supreme Court seeks interest-free moratorium on term  loans, deferment on loan installment payments for 6 months


On Monday 24th May 2021 the Supreme Court stated that it was not in a position to provide relief for a six-month period in respect of interest-free loans, or before the improvement of the COVID-19 situation.

A Judges’ Bench Ashok Bhushan and MR Shah commented on this while waiting for the link between Lawyer Vishal Tiwari.

The plea sought relief for lenders on the ground of unemployment and loss of business opportunities in the wake of the second wave of COVID-19

The plea sought compensation for lenders because the second wave of COVID-19 resulted in unemployment and business prospects being lost.

Bhushan Judiciary asked Shah,

“Have you seen the prayers brother?”

Justice Shah said to that,

“Yes. Yes, yes. We cannot give it.  The RBI may be permitted to reflect.”

The plea is now set to take place on 11 June, as during the hearing Tiwari himself “was not distracted.”

In his petition for relief for creditors on the basis of unemployment and loss of business possibilities following the second wave of COVID-19, Advocate Vishal Tiwari sought help.

The petition claimed that, in a current situation for stressed sectors and individuals who have had a livelihood and a cloud for themselves, the Central Government and its Ministers concerned, along with the Indian Reserve Bank (RBI), were unable to provide a sound relieve.

“A sovereign has not announced such a monetary aid or package in the period of stress, and citizens are under enormous pressure to retain the EMIs and are constantly threatened by declaring NPA accounts. It turned out to be a hopeless situation for individuals without pay and income. In its resolution circular, the RBI published on 6–5–2021 a 2.0 resolution circular not to say sufficient relief to all arbitrary, unjust and just eyewash in the current circumstances,” claimed the petition.

The plea indicated how the RBI given the restructuring facility for the first wave of COVID-19 via its circulary dated 6 August 2020.

The condition in which the people of this country are currently affected needs similar and urgent relief.

It was also reported that, during the second wave of COVID 19, a new circular of 6 May 2021 implementing a Resolution plan for stressed micro, SMEs did not favour the underlying creditors.

“It turned out to be a miserable situation for people with no salary, revenues. The RBI released a resolution plan 2.0 circular on 6-5-2021, which is not sufficient relief in view of whether arbitrary, unjust, or just the eyewash in present circumstances, “The plea has been announced.

Tiwari obtained instructions for a six-month period for failing to repay any bank or financial institution to act against any property of any person or corporation.

It also sought instructions so as not to declare any account for a duration of six months as a non-performing asset.

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