The new order of journalism in India

History –
In 1976 William Bolts a started a residential newspaper which was all about English the updated daily news of England a setup like a home library to get rid of homesickness .
Then James hickey in 1780 launched India first newspaper named Bengal Gazette. This newspaper was a in actual true order and printed on the basis of freedom of speech against “Imperial Diplomacy” and he was first barred by the governor General sir warren Histings and he was denied all to posts .Then he voiced up for freedom of speech and in 1781 he was arrested and he was deported and his press got confiscated .
And then next year many newspapers started and in these main was “madras courier and Bombay Herald which further called Bombay courier” . These flourished because of British Government support because they were operated by them which is came up like Yellow journalism since they were in support of government .
Then after 1799 many newspaper started printing and a new law came up like “Press Regulation Act”, alike a watchdog policy towards newspaper. India’s free trade has played a crucial role in protecting the country’s democracy since its Independence from Britain in 1947.
Today’s a media cover journalism is turning up in a different phase, since Modi Ji came into power in 2014,its says his government has tried to control the country’s news media .He has shrewdly cultivated the media to built a cult of personality that portray him as the nation’s selfless savior.
There’s always a other side of a coin as Journalism has grown in quality but declined in quantity, it had different phase earlier as the evolution occurred the quality work also declined , today the time plays everything it’s running the deadline now you have to do 1 story in a hour , so ironically competition has lowered the bar , the thinking skills and the structuring of stories gets no time so now it reversed it brought journalism down like lowest common denominator now it’s like “sense has been replaced with sensation, news has been replaced with noise ,credibility with chaos”, the reason has been a always a competition everyone running behind to be at the top ,it’s a unfortunate thing for a citizen . Now in India television revolution is dangerously devouring the some of the beginners but digital is becoming a new opportunity today as a contrary now a days television is getting commodified because everybody is chasing the same audience same story . To coming up with the future great innovative ideas of upcoming generation that India needs so there’s a saying ‘compliments helps to grow’ .
The adjustment to a digital age will again provide a back era to true meaning of journalism which will give good digital front and back end ..the demand for a informative and knowledgeable content will show up because …news will be of informative service not as a entertainment titillated show.

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