The Meaning of Your Blood glucose Numbers

fight against high blood sugar levelsMeasuring the blood glucose of yours is currently a very simple test you can do at home on your own. It is the most essential test to know when you’ve diabetes, when you do not (because you have reversed it, or didn’t get it in the first place), and when you’re vulnerable. Along with what food suits you and what doesn’t. But understanding the meaning of your blood glucose numbers is really crucial. You see, most people get it completely upside down. I wish to describe what I mean.

Blood glucose levels – The Basics

So I’m sure you comprehend chances are that diabetes is a set of different diseases that all lead to high sugar levels. You’ll notice the 2 major kinds of diabetes – conveniently called Type one and Type two. Type 1 occurs when you’ve damage to the pancreas making it struggling to produce a lot of insulin to keep your blood sugar levels down. Kind two happens when the pancreas of yours is okay though you just ingest excessive carbohydrate for improves heart complications – – your body to maintain the sugar down even with lots of insulin circulating about. Naturally, in reality there’s a lot of overlap between these 2 but still, the distinction is useful.

The normal levels coupled with those diagnostic of diabetes vary somewhat determined by whom you question and what year you question them, but the numbers I’ll offer below are a pretty regular sort of guide. Check out this chart:

US (mg/dl) / Metric (mmol/l)


70 or 3.9

75 or 4.2

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