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Saint-Run Guas, Joel Thomas, said: “He is the only person who knows what you have experienced. I know is that he is not a 100% state last season. Back, knee, ankle & hellip; & hellip; but he all made the best. “

According to the ESPN reporter, the crow has strongly pursued signing Smith Schtht, and the eagle also provided him with a multi-year contract. However, Smith Shuste finally decided to accept lower salary and stayed in the steel man.

Rams coach the players did not know that intentionalRams coach Jeff – Fisher (Jeff Fisher) specified in a game against the Redskins six players to participate in pre-match toss guess first, they were Gano Rees – Jenkins (Janoris Jenkins), Michael – Bullock Adams (Michael Brockers), Zach – Stasi (Zach Stacy), Steadman – Bailey (Stedman Bailey), Greg – Robinson (Greg Robinson) and Eric – Terry Auger (Alec Ogletree). They have in common is that they choose Rams rookie sign bits are available from Griffin III, 12-year deal. Interestingly, the protagonist of this great deal – Robert – Griffin III (Robert Griffin III) The game is scheduled as a substitute sidelined.

Ryan Shaz relies on the speed of Antonio – BrownPittsburgh steel man’s wire guards, Ryan Shazier, height is 6 feet high, with a weight 230 pounds, but the huge body does not affect his speed, he puts 40 yards 4.40 at the 2014 draft selection conference. The data of seconds, the subsequent occupation day, runs out of 4.36 seconds.

In fact, the speed of Ryan is already famous when Ohio State University, but now he needs to combine his speed up to the skill skill. You have to know that he has absent from 11 in the past two seasons. .

Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website reporter Ian Rapople is reported to the team to renew the team for 4 years according to the informed news, and the contract is $ 40 million, including $ 30 million in guarantee income.

The steel man who has already stretched the elbow has also made some sacrifices. According to reports, they have allowed STEVEN NELSON to seek deals. Neilsen leaving the team will help the team to make about $ 8 million salary space.

Performance is a rock, which is a bear team attacking the sharp line. He held a strike in the first two seasons and moved to the right trip in the 2015 season. He will return to the strike at the beginning of the new season. However, he recently suffered a shoulder injury.

Patriots special teams mainstay and Slater renew for 2 yearsAfter the deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers week, the special teams star Matthew – Slater (Matthew Slater) eventually return to the New England Patriots.

External takeover Zhu Zhu – Smith Shuste and steel people re-sign a yearUS Time Friday, steel people take over Zhu Zhu – Juju Smith-Schuster told reporters that I have agreed to re-signed a year with Pittsburgh.

But now the Patriots took over the outside of the list looks a little crowded: Julian – Edelman (Julian Edelman), Blanding – Kukes (Brandin Cooks), – Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan), Malcolm – Michelle (Malcolm Mitchell), Kenny – Britt (Kenny Britt) and Philip – Dorset (Phillip Dorsett) are not mundane generation, these people probably gone one or two.

Saints Run Guard: Kamala hopes that the 2020 season is betterAlvin Kamara is not small last season, his knees and ankles have injured, and there is still two games. Even when playing, Kamara is not fully healthy.

Smith Schurnst’s contract salary is $ 8 million, including $ 7 million contract bonus, $ 1 million basic salary, and four invalid years. This contract structure can share the salary space, and Smith Shuste will occupy $ 2.4 million in 2021, with $ 5.6 million in 2022.

Kamara’s total proposing code 1330 last season, more than 6 times, both data is the lowest career, but this is still enough to select a professional bowl. He is the best manifestation from 9.22 from 9.22 to the Hawie: the shock promotes 69 yards, the ball is promoted into 92 yards, reaching 2 times.

Slater 32 years old this year, the Patriots traded for the Raiders back to attack Kodak experts Majorelle – Regular visiting Steelers when Patterson (Cordarrelle Patterson). He is a Hall of Fame tackle Jackie – Slater (Jackie Slater), son of the last seven annual average due to special teams excelled selected for the Pro Bowl. Slater is not only much – Bill Bailey Cech (Bill Belichick) attention, the team is highly respected leader.

After the game, the Rams players said, he did not know in advance which is deliberately coach. The six people in Bailey, said: “We are not told in advance, so I was thinking & lsquo; probably these guys played well recently it & # 39 ;, several of us do not know.” Then he She said, “so now look at it, quite reasonable and I’m glad coach made the decision.”

According to local media sources St. Louis, Fisher such a move perhaps because he and Mike – deep friendship Hong Carolina Han (Mike Shananhan), while the latter Redskins fired after the end of last season. This is most likely to succeed Fisher elixir as a friend. Of course, as an outsider, it is still quite interesting, after all, such as Fisher has always been known for serious, can be rare to see them spoof Tricky.

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