The Best Curl Activators to Up Your Curl Game

African hair has more texture to it compared to straight or even wavy hair; therefore, it is subject to more wear and tear over time. If essential care is not provided to keep the hair moisturized and healthy, it can become worn out and brittle, which can cause breakage of your lovely strands. Now the care part can seem a little daunting because let’s face it, your favorite store probably doesn’t carry a huge collection of African hair products that are specifically formulated to maintain the health of African hair. Most people end up choosing the wrong products that end up generating quite the opposite of the desired results for their hair.

It goes without saying that the right set of African hair products is crucial for maintaining the health of your lovely curls. Now, if you were tempted to cut your hair short because it has become worn-out, you are in the right place, we’re here to help.

We went through and listed some of the products that can be very beneficial for African hair care and help you regain your confidence and boast a full, healthy head of curls.

TEA-Lauryl Sulfate

This component stands as a cleaning agent, while minimizing surface tension in liquid products that it’s added to. It is effective in clearing the hair of dirt and oil, seemingly great after the hair is exposed to external environmental conditions.

With regards to safety, the ingredient has been marked as safe for consumer use but may cause irritation unless used in the appropriate controlled concentrations, while also keeping contact with skin at a minimum.

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Now that you’ve got a list of highly defining curl activator products to choose from, you can pick the most suitable one for your hair needs. A further search of relevant items might also help you in making your decision. Our hair is nature’s gift to our anatomy. We need to nourish and protect it in order for it to stay healthy, vibrant and unbreakable. The better ingredients and topicals we use for our hair and skin, the more effective the results and the more radiating our hair strands become! Why not go for something that suits your hair texture and strength? We hope this post has assisted you in recognizing the most convenient hair curl items to suit your wish list, be it budget-friendly or high-end.

Don’t cut it just yet!

We have all been there, feeling frustrated that our hair just won’t act on our desires of having supple, luxurious locks so we can just lay back, throw our hands in the air like we just don’t care. If you have curly or wavy hair, that frustration can be a lingering feeling.

Textured hair, such as curly or wavy hair is more prone to damage than straight hair. Hair care can seem tedious and quite an ordeal, especially if the desired results don’t seem to be within your grasp even after using a plethora of hair care products that promise you a shining set of the good old keratin-based companion.

Verb Curl Cream

For a change, this curl activator boasts curl improvement with protection from color fade. Its sunflower seed component acts as a protectant from UV radiation, which causes color fade and hair dryness. If it isn’t the heaviest in terms of additive benefits, it sure defends against loss that gives hope for a longer-term flashy perm.

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Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Generally safe for consumer usage, being a cleaning compound as well as good for lather, it is a common substance found in such products, as is the case with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Unlike its relative, this chemical is considered safer and is known to be less irritating to the skin and eyes. An added bonus is it being relatively inexpensive to use, so products with it are relatively more affordable.

Conclusion: Good or Bad?

Well, it is clear that there are quite a few irritants in this product, save for the obvious one, water. But is it good enough to be used for essential hair care? We’d like to think so! It can be used infrequently and only every so often as and when needed.

In truth, most cleansing products like shampoos have irritants that can affect skin comfort. But the severity is usually moderate, and the conditions are mostly met after prolonged sensitive exposure to the product. Plus, the major side effects are specific to the individual components.

All in all, the product still has been reported to support its claims of clearing dandruff, and much of the components aren’t actively damaging, especially to hair.

Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

This is a budget-friendly curl activator cream that provides lasting hold and enhances the natural definition of the curls. Based on a sulfate-free formula, it doesn’t dry up the curls over time, and the essential oils keep the hair moisturized and frizz-free. It’s also free of paraffin compounds, which are often associated with weighing hair down.


A leave-in conditioner for all your hair-conditioning and moisturizing needs; African Pride’s Shea Miracle keeps your hair moisturized and detangled, leaving them feeling and looking better. It has a soft texture and is fairly easy to apply on hair. For best results, apply the Shea Miracle to your hair, cover it with a plastic cap for about 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. This can be repeated every other day.

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