The Benefits and Drawbacks of Capital Punishment

The death penalty is a legal punishment in India, and it is permitted for certain offences under the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and other laws. In India, there are now roughly 403[1] death row inmates. Despite the fact that many people believe capital penalty is a violation of human rights and the Human Rights Commission firmly opposes it. With the rise in demand for human rights, taking a criminal’s life has become the most contentious and discussed topic not only on a national level, but also on a worldwide level. Surprisingly, this method of execution has been used since the dawn of recorded history. The death penalty appears in most historical records of various civilisations and basic tribal practises.

The benefits of death punishment include that it gives people an understanding of what the law is capable of, and the offender, no matter who he or she is, can never escape punishment. Those who support the death sentence argue that incarceration is insufficient protection against future criminal behaviour since it allows criminals to flee. Furthermore, the victim’s family would be soothed by the appropriate penalty for the perpetrators, and society would be free of such a criminal. By fostering a sense of respect and terror for the law, more timely execution of capital punishment would serve to reduce crime rates. Indeed, some people believe that execution is more compassionate than life imprisonment because it is swift and painless. Life imprisonment is more cruel since it causes the prisoner to suffer by rotting in jail for the remainder of his life. Another argument against the death penalty is that imprisoning someone for life is more expensive than executing them.
Furthermore, anyone who is considering committing a crime will think carefully before doing so. Furthermore, a criminal who is serving a sentence for his crime is not eligible for parole.

We do not give the person a second chance to change, which is one of the downsides. Furthermore, the true criminal frequently escapes trial, while the prosecution’s innocent soul is falsely accused of being guilty. Furthermore, many punishments are harsh and leave the criminal’s body in shambles. The most compelling argument against capital punishment is that it is extremely harsh and inhumane. The tactics used to carry out executions include physical torture. Electrocution frequently necessitates multiple applications of electric electricity to kill the condemned. Nobody, not even the government, has the power to play God. Despite common assumption that the death penalty reduces crime, numerous studies have demonstrated that the threat of the death penalty has no effect on crime rates. Because some innocent persons are executed owing to an erroneous judgement, capital punishment is discriminatory. Another argument against the death sentence is that it is unclear where the line between criminals and society should be drawn. When society punishes the criminal for taking someone’s life, it commits the same crime of murder. Currently, capital punishment is used in 58 countries.
Despite the fact that several countries have banned death punishment, over 60% of the world’s population lives in countries where executions are still carried out. For example, followers of Judaism and Christianity have maintained that the biblical text “Whosoever sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed” justifies the death penalty.

To sum up, we might argue that capital punishment is an unfortunate fact in our world. On the one hand, it reduces crime, but on the other, it infringes many human rights.

Furthermore, all of these punishments are unjustifiable, and the court and administrative entities should seek an alternative.

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