The Aircraft (Amendment) Bill 2020 by Gauri Bandre@LEXCLIQ

Very recently in the year 2020, The aircraft act of 1934 was amended which was one of the most important acts of Indian aviation law which was formed to make better provisions for the control of the manufacture, possession, use, operation, sale, import, and export of the aircraft. But lacked independence, control, and uniformity with international law. But the recent amendment of 2020 was believed to be one of the stepping stones towards bringing positive change in Indian aviation services. So let us try and understand all the important changes brought by the amendment.

Power and control to the central government. It gives total control to the central government to not only control and maintain the three main bodies of Indian aviation that are Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, and Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau. But also provides the liberty to the government to act on the behalf of the citizens regarding issues related to direction, surveillance, issuing penalties, and any other matter relating to air navigation services.

Strict penalties for the violation before the amendment even the penalties for menace were 2-3 yrs and an escaping amount of one million but now it has been increased by 10 folds to that of 10 million with the power to the central government to cancel licensing of services.

Exemption for armed forces of all the countries Before India exempted all the aircraft belonging to Indian security forces consisting of navy, military, or air. Now it exempts all the aircraft of armed forces of foreign countries along with it as suggested by ICAO.

Statutory status to DGCA, BCAS, and AAIB these three bodies will now be given statutory status and will be headed by the director-general who will be eventually appointed by the central government under which these agencies will now have their powers provided under this act.

No arrest by the court without the prior sanction of DG no court under the law who is not equivalent or higher to that of the Metropolitan Magistrate or Magistrate of first-class can try the offenses under this act. In any case, prior sanction of DG in writing is mandatory.

So these were a few of the changes done by the recent amendment In the direction to meet the international standards and as per the recommendation of ICAO in light of better implementation and control of services.

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