taj mahal same day tour

    “Jaipur Elephant Village”


    “Jhalana National Park”


One of my friend from America was very much interested in to see Elephant Village in Jaipur city as he and his wife wanted to see elephant in their natural habitat and wanted to make some documentary Movie on it, because he wanted to show it the student in his college where he was doing some research on Asiatic elephant, so he wrote me an email, about his interest to visit this Village of elephant and spent some time and complete his research work on elephant of Asia.


This Village of elephant also known as elephant Village and it is situated on the foothills of Amber Palace near Jaipur. It is a well known fact that domestic tourist visit Amber for it ride elephant to go inside this huge Fort, so that’s why Village of elephant become so popular which is heart of  Amber fort.


This Village is specially prepared for Mahouts (caretakers) and for their elephant. The Village of elephants was prepared and designed in such away.


That’s it’s a combination of rain harvesting, green landscape and prepared lots of water bodies, because water is something which is loved by all elephants because water scarcity is very well known is Rajasthan and after having sufficient water bodies, lots of tree plantation was done to give coolness and greenery to this Village of elephant. The idea was to give this Village proper supply of water, which works as bonding between elephants and their elephant.


As everyone known that Rajasthan is land of king and queen full of royal person, it also land of fairs and festivals to see and enjoy this foreign  comes from different countries, state of Rajasthan is a perfect destination for those who make their visit a memorable one for their life time. And elephant Village is one of them, taj mahal same day tour

 it’s a nice place to observe elephant form close proximity here one can see that lots of elephants living here in a very natural atmosphere.

This Village is spread over in around 8 acres also lots of Mahouts stay here along with their families here one can and enjoy company if elephant very closely in special courtyards which is built specially for elephant and public to play with each other and socialize start your trip from Delhi to Jaipur as it was planned by a professional travel company for our client and they give you a very warm welcome in traditional Rajasthani way, you can feed fruits like Bananas or Sugarcanes by understanding their own language and also understand the difference between Indian and Asian elephants, their behavior, meditation also you can do paintings on elephants with some natural colors also you can do massaging, water showering, scrubbing with the elephants of elephants Village.


 Activities in elephant Village:-


Elephants  feeding paintings on elephant, bathing elephants or walking with elephants.


What are the things to carry:-


A Pair of comfortable Clothes & Towel, Sunscreen Lotion,  Skin Cream, Sunglass and Camera.


Elephant Village was set up by the Govt. of Rajasthan in the year of  2010. The full moon tour agra purpose of setting up this small community Village called elephant Village was to provide shelter to elephants and its caretaker families. Mostly elephants brought here from the Village of South India, it’s a fact that in elephant Village, both elephants and care takers do not belong to Jaipur or Rajasthan whereas caretakers are from Bihar elephants are from South India.


Some very popular activities at elephant Village.


  1. Meet their keeper and elephant:- In order to know you well elephant will smell you. This is how they know you, next thing comfort the elephant by stroking on his trunk, all this has to be done under the supervision of caretaker.


  1. How to communicate with elephant:- Elephant is very intelligent and beautiful animal, they do understand certain language. You can learn basics of this language if you want to communicate with this gentle animal.


  1. Elephant Feeding:- Elephant is the fond of eating, and you can feed them for hours, if you can feed them sugarcane or bananas they will become your friend very soon.


  1. Shower and Washing:- Elephant day start with shower their keeper you can enjoy bathing and scrubbings with elephant of elephant Village or paint on elephant.
  2. Lets cook meal for elephant:-  After having shower or painting on elephant, you can join hands to prepare and make some breads for elephants of elephant Village in a very traditional manners under the supervision of caretakers of Course.


  1. Elephant Safari:- If you can willing to do or to enjoy a small ride of elephant can be arrange for you to have this Safari.


Most of the activities were enjoyed by our friend from America and he was really very happy to be the elephant and making video. Next thing they were ready to do the Sight Seeing of pink city of Rajasthan also  called as Jaipur. taj mahal with bandhavgarh tadoba park The local guide from Jaipur took us for the local Sight Seeing of Jaipur.


To show these three to four Monuments as given below-


  1. City Palace, Jantar Manter, 3. Hawa Mahal, 4. Amber Fort

As there was enough time to explore the leopard Safari. As it called Jhalana National Park which is amazing place, good place to visit all the family members. During monsoon its very greet, its having more facilities like air condition waiting room, cafeteria, they regularly check temperature and sanitation is being maintained throughout, primarily, this Park is famous for leopard sighting. But Jhalana National Park is also famous for bird watching, Nilgiries, Antelopes, spotted Deer, Foxes and Civets, also Peacocks, Hyena, Partridges, its situated very much in the heart of pink city Jaipur Jhalan  Park is slowly becoming very much popular amongst wild life Enthusiast, its spread over in the route of 20 Square K.M.  Jhalana Park is a reserved Forest Area.  


First and Foremost both can and driver both were very neat and clean very well maintained, driver was very punctual, speaking and understanding English, car was having all the modern facilities and due to these facilities, they were able to enjoy the complete Tour.




The hotels selected for this tour of jaipur elephant village and Jhalana Park was selected keeping in view all standards, rooms were all very neat and clean, with good services. Food in the hotels provided were hygienic and tasty, location of all the hotels, were really nice and centrally located and very highly appreciated.


Guide Quality:- 


All guide were high knowledgeable, speaking good English explaining all the historical background of the monuments specially the guide for Jhalana Park where they were able to see wild animals due to the ability of very good guide. mathura vrindavan taj mahal tour



Jhalana National Park is open from Oct to March, Jhalana National Park is also famous for its very diverse kind of wild life which is found here in Jhalana Park is famous for tigers, leopards, cheetahs, elephant, and different birds species, one has to take or hire open roof jeep and there are chances that within 5 minutes of entering the Jhalana National Park. You may spot the leopards, other than big cats, you can may find or spot in Jhalana National Park Desert Fox, Small Indian Mongoose, ruddy Mongoose, Bengal Monitor.


As per our friend couple form America, they were very happy to enjoy and see the pink city Jaipur of Rajasthan with elephant Village and Jhalana Park, which was quit a decent tour in all ways.



Highlights of this tour:-


The highlight point of this tour as per our guest of this tour called Jaipur elephant Village and Jhalana Park.


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