Taiwan's Foxconn unveils more electric vehicle prototypes

Spiralling energy prices will hit everyone hard – especially the army of people who now work from home and who face having to put the heating on all day to stop themselves shivering at their laptops as winter blows in.

But the signatories to the letter, which include former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper and ex CIA directors Mike Hayden, Leon Panetta and John Brennan, have not retracted or revised their statements.

It’s not ALL chaos in Westminster! In the name of ending… Britain should ‘bring back restaurants run by state’ amid… NHS spent £45MILLION on changing staff emails in biggest… ‘Harrowing’ report into scandal-hit NHS East Kent maternity…

2024. It has been widely reported for years that Apple has a secret electronic car project, something Foxconn could be in an ideal place to partner on given its existing relationship with the California-ba

I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty pink-and-grey tweed of this £25 USB-powered scarf from Boots (tinyurl.com/heatedneckscarf), given the other heated garments I tried were hardly fashion-forward.

The Judiciary Committee report also rounded on one recently-retired FBI official Timothy Thibault, a senior agent in the Washington Field Office, citing Bureau whistleblowers who claim he was ‘allegedly part of the effort to suppress evidence damaging to the Biden family in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election.’

Utility costs tend to spike in the winter as you crank up that heat to stay nice and cosy. But heating your whole house or apartment can put a serious dent in your wallet, especially considering experts are predicting heating costs will rise 12% nationally this upcoming winter. That means it’s important to save on bills where you can — namely, saving on your water bill. 

Any padded gilet will keep you warm, but this £52.99 garment takes it to another level of cosy, with two heated panels operated by a rechargeable power bank in a pocket (not included but costs about £15).

‘Other evidence suggests that the FBI may have even colluded with social media platform Facebook to suppress information on these allegations from the public in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election.’

They point out that ABC has not made any legal intervention, nor voiced its support for the star correspondent, who is said to have cited ‘personal reasons’ for abruptly quitting after nine successful years at the alphabet network.



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Search for water leaks around the house If you’ve noticed any spikes on your water bill (but haven’t changed your habits), a leak may be to blame. Before changing your water consumption habits or investing in new appliances, spend some time checking for leaks around the house. Look for puddles around your toilets, under sinks and the dishwasher, and around your washing machine. 

But with no heating on, it is difficult to keep those cuppas warm. Enter the £29.99 Garmee mug-warmer from Amazon (tiny url.com/mugheater) – a mini hotplate that plugs into the mains and costs just 0.68p per hour. Even if you have it on for the entire working day, it won’t cost more than 5p – cheaper than popping the kettle on. But a Thermos would be free…

To make myself extra snug, I plug in a heated seat pad, the velvety Dreamland Heated Multi Pad from John Lewis (tinyurl.com/heatedmultipad) and plonk myself down on it. And when my seat is warm enough, I lay the £39.99 pad over my lap while I type.

A huge range of gizmos – from microwavable slippers to a heated desk – promise to keep home workers so toasty they won’t need heating, and they can cost only pennies a day to run. Of course, you need to factor in the initial cost of the products when calculating possible savings.

Between showers, sinks, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and yard work, the average American household uses more than 300 gallons of water every day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Altogether, this equates to an average of $1,000 per year (or just over $83 per month) on water costs. Your typical bill might be lower or higher than this, depending on your location, water usage habits, water-saving tech and other factors.

Use less water every time you flush In a typical home, toilets account for almost 30% of indoor water consumption. There are several ways to reduce the amount of water that your toilet uses, including switching to a low-flow toilet. According to the EPA, these water-efficient toilets can help your family save up to $140 per year.

The report pointed to an interview in August this year of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on the Joe Rogan Experience, Gadgetinku.Com in which Zuckerberg admitted his company censored stories about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings after the FBI warned them to be on ‘on high alert’ for ‘Russian propaganda’.

I’m worried the surface of the desk might heat up too much and cause problems with my laptop. Thankfully, it doesn’t: the heat is directed down on to my lower body – and it begins to feel very warm indeed.

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