Lok Adalats: Origin, Evolution, Jurisdiction, Powers by Somesh Vaidya @LexCliq

The concept of Lok Adalat (People’s Court) is an innovative Indian contribution to the world of jurisprudence. The introduction of Lok Adalats added a new chapter to the justice dispensation system of this country and succeeded in providing a supplementary forum to the victims for a satisfactory settlement of their disputes. This system is based […]

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The Chief Justice of India has called for Legislation mandating Mediation as the first step in Resolving Disputes by Somesh Vaidya @LexCliq

Credit:MoneyControl   On Saturday, Chief Justice of India NV Ramana emphasised the importance of enacting legislation to make mediation the required first step in the dispute settlement process. Prescribing mediation as a mandatory first step for resolution of every allowable dispute will go a long way in promoting mediation. Perhaps, an omnibus law in this […]

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