Would customers be impressed by coupons for businesses?

Do you classify a team of five people as a startup? According to Forbes, a business can be regarded as a startup even if it has been in operation for more than five years if it employees more than 20 people. A company needs at least $20 million in yearly revenue, more than 80 employees, […]

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Constructive Brand Representation On Social Media

Brand representation indicates how aware the audience is about the significant product, and how well they detect the brand or the brand’s product. It’s beneficial to create awareness in the earlier stages of the business or new launch of the product this creates hype and generates the maximum reach.  However, to make your features prominent […]

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5 ecommerce trends for marketing

E-commerce trends In just over a month we are saying goodbye to this 2019. And like every year we start with the trends and developments to take into account with an eye on next year. In this post we will focus mainly on ecommerce, so if you have an online store, don’t end the day […]

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